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    Fast Funnel Mini Disposable Funnels

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    Fast Funnel Professional Disposable Funnels

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    Fast Funnel Standard Disposable Funnels

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Fast Funnel® is an environmentally friendly disposable funnel packaged in a handy three-pack (standard & professional versions).

Made of coated, heavy-grade paper stock, it can be used with virtually any liquid or powder and is designed to fit a wide variety of openings. For convenience, Fast Funnel is folded flat for storage so you can keep them where you need them – in a drawer, glove box, toolbox, pocket or just about anywhere.

Why Fast Funnel?

– Fast Funnel is compact for convenience and simple storage.

– Fast Funnel remains clean until opened.

– Fast Funnel is a simple, yet very effective means of eliminating the contact
contamination present on reusable funnels.

– Fast Funnel has been incorporated into the industry-leading maintenance programs of several leading companies, including the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant, Westar Energy, Progress Energy, Coors, Miller Brewing Companies and Nestle-Purina, to name a few.

– By reducing spills, chemical clean-up and wasted paper, Fast Funnel is an environmentally friendly product.

– Fast Funnel is biodegradable.

– Available in a number of sizes, there is a Fast Funnel ideally suited to almost every application.

Company History

Brothers Ted and Larry Salani founded S&S Concepts Inc. in 2000 around the development of the Fast Funnel® disposable funnel. Originally intended to provide an identity and corporate structure for the development and marketing of the Fast Funnel, S&S has now expanded its scope to include the innovation and development of any new product that meets its criteria for solving everyday consumer challenges with the simplest design approach possible.

Powerenhancer are pleased to be appointed exclusive European Distributors for Fast Funnel.