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ZF Lifeguard 8 Automatic Transmission Fluid


The ZF Lifeguard Fluid products make up a range of synthetic heavy-duty oils intended exclusively for ZF's automatic car transmissions.

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Product Description


The ZF Lifeguard Fluid products make up a range of synthetic heavy-duty oils intended exclusively for ZF's automatic car transmissions. ZF Lifeguard Fluid oils were developed specifically for ZF automatic 5-speed, 6-speed and 8-speed transmissions.

Subjected to extreme testing, ZF Lifeguard fluid guarantees the maximum performance of the automatic transmission. At the same time, the wear of heavily loaded components is minimised owing to the specifically matched oils, and a long service life is achieved. ZF Lifeguard Fluid is a firm element of production as well as remanufactured transmissions and must, therefore, be used in cases of repair.

Oil regeneration and oil-filter change beyond 100.000 km will have a positive effect on the service life and value of a thermally heavily loaded automatic transmission: and the original shifting comfort will be restored. Use of other oils as rule results in early transmission failure.

  • Specifically matched transmission fluids for exclusive use in ZF automatic transmission.
  • Less material wear and softer shifting operations due to constant friction behaviour.
  • Less vibration due to the controlled slip of the converter lockup clutch.
  • Maximum sound dampening due to low viscosity.
  • Improved lubricating - film stability in all performance and temperature ranges.
  • Improved economy thanks to a maximum reduction of fuel consumption, which also reduces emissions.


  • ZF transmissions have been engineered to operate only with ZF approved fluids. Other fluids have not been tested. These fluids may cause internal damage or unpredictable results when used with ZF overlapping shift technology or mechatronic assemblies.
  • Transmission fluids are not all alike and are not interchangeable. Each ZF transmission requires a specific ZF fluid to operate properly. The use of incorrect fluid may cause damage to internal parts. Be certain the correct fluid is used.
  • The use of any fluid additives is prohibited as the result will unpredictably change fluid properties potentially resulting in transmission failure.

ZF 8 Speed Fluid Reference

Application Make Fluid Type
6HP26A61* (Only for vehicles with Audi W12 engine) AUDI

LifeGuard Fluid 8
6HP19X (Only for Audi Q7)
6HP26A61* (excluding Audi vehicles with Audi W12 engine)



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