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MotorsportWe are a lubricant and oil/fuel additives solution provider for various motorsport disciplines, from Karting to Dragsters and Motorcycle to Offshore Boat Racing.  

We will enlighten you on the most cutting edge additive solutions available to give you that competitive edge.  Our customers come to us in the full knowledge that they will receive the utmost in accurate advice and recommendations.

We know what works and what doesn’t and we only specialise in products that work.  We guarantee results and can supply you with custom products that cannot be purchased elsewhere.

For example, an 8,000hp methanol engine that had to be rebuilt every 5 second run because even the very best race lubricants could not provide the extreme pressure protection required.  A custom assembly lube and oil additive pack meant that this engine could now perform multiple runs without component failure.

We can decrease engine temperatures, increase torque/hp and reduce wear on highly tuned 2-stroke engines with our advanced lubricants and combustion modification technologies.

Then there is the AR8300 nano-ceramic grease that will withstand over 1,800,000 psi of surface pressure and with a COF as low as 0.003.  The result is bearings and similar components that refuse to wear regardless of temperature or how hard they are worked.

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Fuel Combustion Catalysts and Octane Boosters.

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