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Motorcycle & 2-Stroke

MotorcyleWe supply lubricants and oil/fuel additive technologies for motorcycles, both road going and race applications.

Our customers come to us in the full knowledge that they will receive the utmost in care and advice.  We know what works and what doesn’t and we only specialise in products that work.  We guarantee results and can supply you with cutting edge additives that cannot be purchased elsewhere.

4 Stroke Motorcycle Fuel System and Engine Cleaning:

For rapid fuel system cleaning and carbon removal we recommend AR6400 100ml or 430ml version if you need to treat multiple machines.  This can be followed up with regular use of AR6200 to keep the engine clean and to improve performance and fuel economy.

4 Stroke and 2 Stroke Lubricants:

After many years in the business we recommend Bardahl lubricants for 4-stroke motorcycle engines and either Bardahl or Archoil for 2-stroke engines.  The patented C60 Fullerene technology used in the Bardahl lubricants outperforms all other motorcycle engines oils we have tested.

Two Stroke Additives:

The Archoil AR7100 oil additive pack combined with the AR6200 20ml fuel catalyst provides the greatest improvement we have seen on 2 stroke engines designed to run on fully synthetic oils.  Both products significantly improve lubricity and combustion performance to maximise power and torque whilst reducing exhaust emissions.

Archoil’s new AR7400 nano-ceramic (coming soon!) treatment will restore engine wear and provide exceptional protection and performance.

Octane Boosters:

We recommend AR6900 or Bardahl BSF Racing.  These are by a long margin the strongest MMT based octane improvers on the market.  They are suitable for 2 and 4 stroke engine use.


We also supply a range of high quality chain and dry film lubes using Bardahl's C60 Fullerene technology and Archoil's Nano WS2.

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