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MarineWe have extensive experience with oil and fuel additive technologies for all marine applications and have successfully treated many engines, fuel tanks and fuel systems for fuel cancer, fungus and similar contaminants. We have custom treatments that will restore engine performance, reduce smoke, and protect the engine & fuel whilst significantly improving engine reliability and economy.

Our customers come to us in the full knowledge that they will receive expert advice and high quality, effective products.

We can supply and advise on:

Oils, Lubricants & Fluids;
Oil Additive Packs and Treatments;
Anticorrosion protection and Greases;
Fuel System Cleaners, Treatments and Carbon Removers;
MPG Improvment; and
Smoke and Emissions Reduction.

"I don't know what the other diesel cleaner additives can do this because its the only one I have tried. I think sometimes it's fair to say you pay money for quality. I will use this product once a year (hopefully it's still available), it's a personal real experience and excellent results for me."


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