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Industry & Manufacturing

FleetWe supply lubricants, greases and additive technologies to industrial and manufacturing client.  Whether you are looking to reduce mechanical wear, operating temperatures, corrosion or reduce equipment downtime, contact us for a free consultation to evaluate your lubrication needs.  Results are fully guaranteed with a healthy ROI from using the latest Nano additives that cannot be purchased elsewhere.

Benefits include;

Reduction in Heat and Mechanical Wear;
Reduction in Maintenance Costs;
Increased Reliability with a Reduction in Repair Related Downtime; and
Reduced Emissions.

Contact us for a free consultation where we will examine your business, highlight potential savings and prepare a custom testing protocol to fulfil your requirements and ROI targets. 

Samples also available on request.

"The internal components of the drying oven and the piping were cleaned. The flush process and filtering cost € 4.500 euro including labor and travel expenses. Normal cost of opening, cleaning and reassembling the drying oven is estimated at € 250,000."

"Cost of a lifting chain is approximately €280 per meter.  A 2 x 3 meter chain will cost a total of €1,680.  The treatment for 6 meters of chain: 0.5L AR5100, € 35.00 and 1 spray can, 5L AR9100AE, € 12,90 = € 47,90.  With € 47.90 in Archoil products and € 400 in workshop costs, it is possible to save € 1.680 per truck per year.  Jungheinrich Netherlands has included Archoil AR9100AE in the standard product range for field technicians."


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