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Fleet & Commercial

FleetWe supply lubricants, consumables and fuel/oil additive technologies to commercial fleet operators.  We have successfully treated many trucks and corporate vehicles, achieving sustainable MPG improvements and maintenance savings.  Results are fully guaranteed with a healthy ROI from using the latest Nano additives that cannot be purchased elsewhere.

Benefits include;

Improved MPG;
Reduction in Maintenance Costs;
Increased Reliability with a Reduction in Repair Related Downtime; and
Reduced Emissions.

Fleet operators come to us in the full knowledge that they will receive the utmost in accurate advice and recommendations.  We know what works and what doesn’t and we only specialise in products that work. 

Contact us for a free consultation where we will examine your business, highlight potential savings and prepare a custom testing protocol to fulfil your requirements and ROI targets. 

As part of the consultation we will address the following:

1. Our MPG Negative Vs Positive Gain™ concept and how this is instrumental in the measuring immediate and sustained energy savings.

2. Product suitability and choice – the how’s and why’s.

3. The vast array of variables that effect MPG and how to mitigate them as part of a structured test.  Such as:

  • Length of test
  • Historical test data
  • MPG monitoring techniques
  • Climatic conditions
  • Traffic variances
  • Driver consistency
  • Vehicle history and condition
  • Fuel consistency
  • Route/journey consistency
  • Vehicle load variance
  • Administration of treatments
  • Driver awareness
  • Exactly what to test
  • Warranty considerations
  • And so on.

Please contact us for a free no-obligation consultation.  Samples also available on request.

"Andy, To confirm, we have achieved a 13% improvement in MPG on the 2 trucks we tested over the 3 month period.  What's more, this is consistent positive gain as you call it.  This gain in addition to the longer oil change period and additional protection that your custom products offer means than we will achieve a saving of over £6,000 per month in fuel, for this depot alone!  This is a substantial ROI over the cost of the products and we are delighted to be able to move forward with this programme."


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