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Bio-fuel Treatments

Bio fuelWe are experienced in the resolution of all issues relating to ethanol, biodiesel and waste oil blended fuels.  We supply professional fuel treatments to fleet operators and bio-diesel manufacturers.

Petrol and Ethanol:

Our most popular product for rectifying the negative properties of ethanol blended petrol, including E5, E10, E15 and 100% ethanol conversions is AR6200.  AR6200 resolves the low lubricity and hydroscopic tendencies of ethanol as well as modify the combustion properties to restore engine torque.  Customers using AR6200 at double and triple doses with 100% ethanol conversions have experienced substantial increases in torque.  Those with highly tuned engines with sensitive ignition systems (such as the BMW E60 M5 V10) have resolved continuous engine warning lights from the use of ethanol blended fuels when fortifying the fuel with AR6200.


Again, our most popular product for fortifying bio-diesel, vegetable oil and waste oil is AR6200 as it addresses all of the shortfalls of biofuels.  It increases the surface area of fuel molecules and reduces the temperature at which the carbons that make up the fuel begin to burn.  This is crucial, particularly with the less refined fuel oils as it enable them to burn much more cleanly, practically eliminating unburned hydrocarbons and wasted energy in the form of black smoke or emissions.  AR6200 fully lubricates the fuel system and contains additives to deal with water contamination.  A carefully selected detergent pack keeps the fuel system clean whilst a polymerization retardant eliminates sludge and biological build-up, fully preserving even the poorest quality bio-diesel for years.

Cetane Improvers:

For those looking for the benefits of AR6200 but with an additional cetane increase should use AR6800.

We also supply the highest quality 99.9% pure 2-ethylhexl-nitrate (2-EHN) cetane booster in 5L, 20L and 208L packing for biodiesel fuel blenders or those looking for a low cost way to raise the cetane number of standard pump diesel.  We offer the greatest value 2-EHN in the UK.

Biofuel System Cleaners:

For a thorough cleaning cycle of any fuel system and engine we recommend AR6400 for petrol engine and AR6400-D for diesel engines.


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