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Smart-O Plug

SMART-O  The Intelligent Drain Plug

We’re delighted to introduce the latest great addition to the PowerEnhancer range:  SMART-O Plug is not just any ordinary drain plug.   It’s a leap forward in oil drain plug technology and its patent protected design is proven to eliminate the risk of oil loss in engines and transmissions.

Here are some of the most common problems that arise when an oil change goes wrong. Smart-O helps prevent:

- Loss of plug, sudden oil loss or engine damage from negligent installation
- Stripped threads and damaged oil pan
- Increased risk of oil leakage and damage to other vehicle parts
- Oil leakage from oil pan- Oil stains on driveway & roads
- Oil pan replacement costing between £125 – £250
- Oil entering waterways and contaminating large amounts of water

How does SMART-O work?

Every SMART-O plug features an intelligent material O-ring which acts as a safe seal, reducing the risk of oil leakage, rapid oil loss, oil pan damage, and finally reduces risk of negative environmental impact – especially water pollution through engine oil.

The unique O-ring system works by including a fail-safe mechanism that uses a patent protected technology. Upon contact with oil the specially designed O-ring reacts to the oil and expands by up to 10%. This immediately prevents any potential oil loss that could cause damage and problems elsewhere in the car or environment.

The O-ring is also designed with an anti-vibration function to generate higher prevailing torque. This counteracts the self-loosening caused by vibration in the car and means your plug will stay firmly in place, even if under torqued and in the harshest of conditions such as motor sport or track days.  Tests have shown that even hand-tightened plugs did not vibrate loose.  

And as If that wasn’t enough there is yet another safety feature built into SMART-O.  A specialist thread guard allows safe sealing at normal torque to reduce pressure on the oil pan thread and allows for a safer and longer life span with less wear and tear.

SMART-O - Tested to the limit

SMART - O comes out on top in self–loosening tests and this is further proof that it offers a better alternative to standard oil plugs.

Torque-Tension Testing  -   SMART-O vs. regular OEM plug

Result: SMART-O showed higher prevailing torques during tightening and loosening cycles compared to regular OEM plugs without O-ring system.

This clever drain plug system also offers improved work process for technicians and reduces inventory costs through a consolidated product range.

SMART-O products are the ideal solution for the smarter driver and service operator.

Currently SMART-O plugs cover 95% of the market with a consolidated range of 17 plugs which fits more than 2700 cars, including US, European, Japanese, Korean and Chinese models.

SMART-O™ Plug is patented and trademarked internationally by Rapidfix Industrial. The products are manufactured according to the highest standards.

SMART-O : Key features at a glance

- Safe sealing function: O-ring expands upon contact with engine oil, high-performance seal replacement
- Anti-vibration function: O-ring generates higher prevailing torque and counteracts self-loosening caused by vibration
- Thread guard: less torque needed, safe sealing at normal torque to reduce wear on oil pan thread
- Reduced Inventory for garages
- ECO-protection: reduces oil leakage into environment
- Robust design – manufactured with high quality materials and to the highest standards
- Superior performance at lower cost
- Safe for re-use.

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