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Gold Plug

Why rely on just any old drain plug when you can have one that saves your engine from the wear and tear of metal particles?

Gold Plug LLC started in 2001 and today makes magnetic drain plugs that fit more than 100,000 automobiles and motorcycles. Our plugs are loved by our customers and their engines.

Their daily mission is to supply the very best plugs to keep your motorcycle, car and truck in A++ driving condition.

About Gold Plug LLC

This all started because they could not find a good quality magnetic drain plug. We wanted one for a street bike engine that we had just finished rebuilding. After searching high and low, Magneticdrainplug.com was born.

In 2006, the name changed to Gold Plug LLC and Goldplug.com was launched.

At Powerenhancer we stock a full selection of automotive, motorcycle, ATV, scooter and industrial magnetic drain plugs.

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