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As a past distributor of fuel additives, those of us at Engineering & Product Design Ltd. found that pouring small, measured amounts out of a plastic bottle into a fuel tank was nearly impossible to do without getting the stuff all over your hands. Once we discovered many other products had the same problem, we developed EZYPOR.

Think about the many times you may have handled chemicals and got them on your hands. Not only the inconvenience, but some of that stuff actually soaks through your skin. The warnings on the labels are there for a reason. If you handle chemicals regularly, your health could deteriorate over time, or rapidly, if safety warnings are not observed. For chemicals stored in plastic bottles, the EZYPOR can allow you to dispense small amounts of up to 20ml each time (0.7 oz.) cleanly and safely. The unit will not release liquid until it is tilted almost horizontal. This is especially helpful when pouring from a full bottle.

With EZYPOR, dispensing is FAST and EASY – it takes less than 40 seconds to accurately dispense up to 100ml (over 3 oz.).

EZYPOR takes care of a large range of products, including many pesticides, herbicides, cleaning agents, turpentine, meths, kerosene, animal pour-ons and fuel additives. It can be used for medicines and liquid dietary supplements, as well. We even use it for cooking oil because it allows you to drizzle oil over food without it dripping down the side of the bottle. The standard size thread insert is 28mm (soft drink bottle size). We also produce it in 22mm (not so common) and 24mm (medicine bottle size). The materials have been carefully chosen to handle a large range of chemicals commonly used in the home, vehicle and garden. Although these materials are tested regularly, it is not possible to cover every chemical available.

Our products are made in New Zealand from strong, high-quality plastics that have been tested with many fuel additives and household chemicals. They are reusable and superior to cheap, throwaway items that will swell, leak or crack.

There are plenty of bottles around that can measure, but they usually cannot pour into a fuel tank without some of the product dripping down the side of the bottle when reinverted.

The EZYPOR helps everyone by making products easier and safer to use.

Engineering & Product Design Ltd. has over 22 years of experience in fabrication and design, including the design and production of the EZYPOR. We use what materials suit the design intent and can build whatever you need to make your environment easier, safer, cleaner and more efficient to work in.

Powerenhancer are pleased to be appointed the exclusive European distributors for Ezypor.


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