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    Wynns Super Concentrated Screen-Wash 21+ lemon – 250ml

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For more than 70 years, Wynns has been a leader in engine treatments in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, North and South America, Asia and Oceania.

With more than 400 products, Wynns offers a full range of high performance fluid treatments and specialty equipment to ensure the optimal operation of all main vehicle systems.

The R&D department is continuously working at the forefront of cleaning and lubricating technology. It contributes to the recognized quality of our range, incorporating health and safety aspects, as well as environmental requirements.

Wynns Belgium manufacturing plant operates according to an ISO 9001 certified quality system. Wynns sets high-quality standards for its production facility and its products. Many products are approved by a number of worldwide original equipment manufacturers (car manufacturers).

10 good reasons for using Wynns chemical treatments:

1. Improve or restore engine performance
2. Prevent fast degradation and aging of a system
3. Protect and lubricate parts
4. Clean systems fouled by impurities
5. Prevent fouling of engine parts
6. Stop leak
7. Reduce exhaust gases
8. Prevent or reduce high consumption
9. Prevent seasonal problems
10. Solve odor problems

Highlights in Wynns History

In 1939, Chestien Wynn discovered a formula he named “Wynns Friction Proofing” Oil.  This surface treatment for metal actually changed the chemistry of the metal, making it harder and better able to withstand friction and wear. That was the foundation stone of Wynn Oil Company.

In 1949, “The Deep Sea Test” was run in Newport Beach, CA in June. Two motors were immersed into salt water and left for 14 days. One of the motors was treated with Wynns Friction Proofing Oil and the other was not. While still wet, the motor treated with Friction Proofing started without difficulty, the other did not.

In 1972, Wynns products were used by NASA on lunar missions to protect critical equipment in extreme heat and cold. Wynn Oil UK was founded in 1977 as a subsidiary of Wynns Belgium.