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Pentosin Racing Brake Fluid

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PENTOSIN RACING BRAKE FLUID is a super high performance brake fluid developed specifically for motorsports applications.
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Pentosin Racing Brake Fluid - 1 Litre fuchs-601102899
Pentosin Racing Brake Fluid - 2 x 1 Litres fuchs-601102899#2
Pentosin Racing Brake Fluid - 3 x 1 Litres fuchs-601102899#3
Pentosin Racing Brake Fluid - 4 x 1 Litres fuchs-601102899#4
Pentosin Racing Brake Fluid - 5 x 1 Litres fuchs-601102899#5

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Product Description


PENTOSIN RACING BRAKE FLUID is a super high performance brake fluid developed specifically for motorsports applications. The developers placed particular emphasis on extremely high dry and wet boiling points, so that the maximum dry boiling point level reached is ≥ 300°C and the maximum wet boiling point ≥ 195°. Consequently, these numbers are considerably higher than those mandated as minimums in DOT 4. The use of a time tested additive combination in conjunction with a formula specifically composed for the high temperature range guarantees safety even under the most extreme braking conditions in racing sports applications (cars and motorcycles).


Compliance with the instructions and recommendations of the automaker is always essential when using PENTOSIN RACING BRAKE FLUID. PENTOSIN RACING BRAKE FLUID must not be used in braking or hydraulic systems that require the utilization of mineral or silicone-based fluids (e.g. LHM or DOT 5). PENTOSIN RACING BRAKE FLUID can be mixed and is compatible with conventional brake fluids of the same technology or specifications. To be able to take full advantage of all of the benefits PENTOSIN RACING BRAKE FLUID offers, never mix it with other products or follow the recommendation of completely replacing the original product with PENTOSIN RACING BRAKE FLUID when you decide to switch. For safety and disposal information, please refer to the latest version of the safety data sheet.

Advantages / Benefits

  • Dry and wet boiling points that specifically accommodate the high temperature range to ensure optimum safety and performance potentials in motorsports
  • Can be used universally in racing cars and motorcycles if a brake fluid that complies with DOT 4 is mandatory
  • Provides excellent protection for the braking and coupling hydraulics against deposits and corrosion


  • FMVSS NR. 116 DOT 4
  • SAE J 1704


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