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EcoTec DPF Cleaning Gun / Kit

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EcoTec DPF Cleaning Device
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Product Description


For professional Use Only!

This treatment is suitable for vehicles that have particulate saturation levels up to 100% but with a maximum 10% ash content. Carefully follow all the safety standards: Maximum recommended air pressure, safety equipment, suitable eye, hands and body protection.



  • A device ref. 8080
  • A compressed air system
  • A diagnostic device/tool


1. Ensure engine is off.
2. Open the vehicle's hood and locate the differential pressure sensor.
2. Disconnect the upstream and downstream pressure sensor pipe.
3a. Fill Device 8080 with 1 litre of FAP-NET (Reference1105).
3b. Connect the equipment to the compressed air system:

  • Normal Pressure: from 2 to 6 bar
  • Maximum pressure: 8 bar

4a. Insert the straight probe of the device 8080 into the upstream pressure sensor pipe. Spray for 3-4 seconds, wait 2-3 seconds and continue until applicator is empty.  Use a little product to spray it into the pipe downstream pressure sensor to remove any carbon deposits if necessary.

4b. This step only applies to vehicles where the pressure sensor pipe arrives before the catalyst:  Start the vehicle and let it run for 1-2 minutes so the product can enter the DPF.

5. Let the product work for 20 minutes. RINSING OF THE DIESEL PARTICULATE FILTER:
6. Fill Device 8080 with 500 ml of RINCE-NET (Reference1106).
7. Repeat operation step N° 4a and 4b.
8. Block UPSTREAM and DOWNSTREAM pressure sensor pipes but do reconnect to the sensor.
9. In a suitable place, start engine and hold engine speed at 2000 - 2500 rpm for 20 minutes. During this phase, the vehicle will eject white smoke (due to condensation of water) and a liquid containing dissolved soot.
10. Reconnect the upstream and downstream pipes to the pressure sensor.
11. Clear any fault codes.
12. Test drive vehicle and force a regeneration using a suitable auto diagnostics tool.  Once the regeneration is complete measure saturation level.
13. It is recommended that the engine oil and filter is replaced.
14. Add a ‘Diesel Injection Curative Treatment’ reference 1111 to the fuel tank to clean the fuel system and resolve any underlying issue.

Do not leave FAP-NET or RINCE-NET into the 8080 device after the application is finished. Rinse carefully and let the device dry. N.B.
If a low pressure loop exists, make sure this procedure is compatible with this type of installation.


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