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Oilem Hybrogen Road Diesel & Petrol Fuel Conditioner

Hi Andy,

I’ve been using Hybrogen every tank on my old 2004 Merc ML270CDI and I am very impressed.

It does all the things you say and has more power for sure. I decided to change the glow plugs last week and on my engine they are renowned for sticking in and breaking so I was somewhat nervous - but I had been giving constant doses when refilling of about 1:2000 so a bit rich maybe but all the glowplugs came straight out and were clean as per photo. The liquid on the glowplug were from dosing the threads with deblock fluid.

So, clearly my engine is a lot cleaner inside.

- Best Regards - Simon


Hi, I would just like to say I was a bit sceptical about the Archoil additives but as my wife's Astra 2.0 DTi with 18,700 miles on the clock needed a fair bit of work, engine management lights - EGR problems, Injector problems, flat spot on turbo and a loud diesel knock I thought what the hell give it a go and purchased your Diesel Service Pack. No immediate improvement, however after 7 days - WOW! No flat spot on turbo, no more engine management lights - EGR fine, Engine really smooth and no diesel knock! The old girl is driving like NEW, no hesitation and loads of torque.

Can't believe it especially after using the likes of STP and Wynn's. You definitely get what you pay for, and I have recommended it to my friends and family. I will be ordering another service pack shortly for my trusty Peugeot work van.

- Thanks, Gary M.


I bought a diesel service pack last August, sorry for the delay but the DPF Cleaner was superb. I had a VAG 2.0 PD BMM engine that was reading 105% filterload. £1,500 plus to fix by VAG reckoning.

Despite the turbo being off due to limp home, I was able to recover the DPF to 40% just by having a driver operate it to strict temperature load requirement while I monitored EGT 1, 2 and 3 on VCDS. It was quickly apparent that EGT 1 pre-turbo was in failure mode but by monitoring EGT 2 and 3 pre andpost DPF I soon noticed EGT 3 was slightly higher than EGT 2 -240C v 220C. It took a long run (40 miles) but I was confident that if EGT 3 > EGT 2 then something must be burning in the DPF.

Thank you for such a good piece of chemistry. I was sceptical before but this exceeded my wildest expectations particularly given the turbo was not available despite many attempts to trick the ECU in VCDS."

- Niall Foulis.

ARCHOIL© AR2300 and AR9100

Picked up a 2005 Mercedes Benz R230 SL350 six months ago, showing 100k recorded miles.

Oil consumption was alarming over the next few months (though going by the owner's manual, entirely to be expected) at around a litre per 1,000 miles.

Ran the AR2300 through the engine for 600 miles pre-drain, then spun BG109 through the system.

Refilled with Motul 8100 5W-40 and the AR9100 - 1,500 miles later, the system is registering a total oil volume drop of.... 100ml.

The engine runs solidly and at a consistent temperature irrespective of miles covered/driving conditions, and without any loss of (Motul Inugel Optimal) coolant.

Again, Archoil make wonderful products. For relative pence, their oil system cleaners and additives are evidently the savvy, nay essential choice for owners of six-figure mileage vehicles (though a thorough system clean must be implemented pre-oil change).

Regarding oils and coolants, Motul are right on the money every time. It's a winning combination I would never alter, this being the third vehicle where a Motul-Archoil combination has produced terrific dependable results.

- John Moser.

ARCHOIL© AR2300 and AR9100

Just a quick note, changed the oil on the R129 today – again, 16 years old with 115k on the clock – after 5k miles. Used Motul 8100 5-40 and AR9100; ran AR2300 for 800 miles pre-change and then flushed with AR2820.

- Thanks!


Love the products the MAF sensor spray works well no residue & effective.

- Review by Andrew Lawson


And I've used it! I have an FS280K Strimmer which I bought 23 years ago and have used heavily. Despite conscientious maintenance, it got harder and harder to start, and required frequent adjustments of the H & L mixture needles to keep it going.

I know AR6400 is not for 2 Strokes, but I made up a small quantity of the usual 1:50 oil: petrol and added AR6400 at 1:15. I got it started and let it idle for 10 minutes, at the end of which I had to screw the mixture needles in somewhat to keep it going (removal of grunge I am sure). I drained the tank, and flushed everything with new fuel with AR6200 at 1:7,500. It starts first pull, runs sweetly, and will idle for ever without stalling. The mixture needles are now back to the about 3/4 turn open setting as they were when it was new.

- Some cleaner! Thank you very much, Chris Burke.


Hi, I must thank you for the AR6200 - my MPG has increased by approx. 12% after only 3 fills with this - highly delighted and have recommended this to a number of friends and relatives.Hope you can assist in this instances.

- Malcom Hemingway


Hi guys, I have just finished my first tank using AR6200, mpg up from 42 to 46 so I hope it keeps moving in the upward direction.

- Regards, Martin.


After trying the Archoil AR6200 in my 2008 Q7 4.2 TDI S Line, I have to say I can really tell it's got something in there - feels more smoother and far less chattery, not far off a normal V8 petrol :-)

- Thank-you…


Just put in the fuel modifier and oil stuff! Works great. The Car is an Octavia 1.9 TDI. Before oil and fuel additives I was getting 44 mpg, I think I'm now getting excess 50 mpg. Also engine is quieter and pulls better. Only done about 400 km so far. So results not reliable but promising.

- Cheers, Dave Morris.


Well I have to say that at the end of my test, AR6200 has given me a 7% more miles than the previous tank with Millers Eco Max additive. It provides smooth running and the engines full torque characteristics are maximised. It is excellent value for money at around 65p a tank for substantial economy increase.

503 miles on 58.47 litres = 12.86 gallons = 39.1mpg.
- Thanks.


Just been to Yorkshire at the weekend and cannot believe I have still have half a tank left from the journey… there and back is a total of 325 miles. I put in the AR6200 going up and going down.

- Best Regards, Don & Iris.


I can't believe how good the Archoil AR6200 additive is. The car runs smoother and getting at least an extra 6 mpg around town - and only adding 5ml per tank! Looking forward to using the Archoil AR6400-D to give it a good clean through.

- Kind regards, Matt.


Hi, I'm currently using Archoil AR6200 in my Ford Focus 1.6 Zetec (53 Plate) and I have noticed a big difference in performance. Can you tell me the difference between Archoil AR6200 and Archoil AR6300? Would the Archoil AR6300 also be suitable for my vehicle as it is slightly cheaper on the pocket, or should I stick with Archoil 6200?

- Many Thanks, C. Matthews.


I am a retired ex garage owner and when I was in the business these products were not available just the odd drop of ***** in with the fuel and that was your lot!

Last year I purchased a 1988 Mercedes 300 D diesel auto, mileage 138.000, full service history vehicle with 2 owners from new. It did have a few draw backs, it did not start to well, heater plugs replaced which helped but the old car had no go in it.

I was looking online at your products but I was very sceptical about these type of products. Wow how stupid I was in being like that. I was sent an AR6200 sample free of charge, which I added to a tank of diesel. After 2 days I could not believe the power from this same old car, it was as if someone had put a V12 engine in it, the pick up from a standing start was rapid and also right through the gear changes.

It has transformed the vehicle. I really am amazed, so from an old motor trader, you guys with diesels drop some of this in your tank and see for yourself if I am right! I am converted, wish it had been available in my day, when I was selling cars.

- From Doug.


I'm back in Ohio from our trip to Florida. We started out at an MPG of 10.45 and ended with a best MPG of 15.96. AR6200 is amazing...

- From Randy.


I have tried the sample of the AR6200 combustion catalyst and burn modifier you sent me in my Ford Powerstroke 6.0L diesel. All I can say is WOW!!

You have a winner here. Without question, this is "the best fuel additive I have ever experienced", and I have tried many of the top name brands such as Stanadyne/PowerService/Optilube/Motorcraft/Lucas and others. Low end torque and throttle response are very noticeably improved as well as injector noise reduction, you barely have to depress the throttle pedal to maintain speed going down the road, this will equal to improved fuel economy.

This is a very powerful and incredible formulation, it makes the truck run like it has a power programmer turned up a few notches, even jumping on the throttle hard when getting on the freeway, and you really can feel the difference.

A co-worker of mine is running AR6200 tonight in his Chevrolet Duramax diesel, he has a 3hr roundtrip drive, I expect similar results when I see him tomorrow. I don't see this product available yet on your website. This product will sell itself once people try it, no question about it. Would like to purchase more if it is available. Nothing currently out there now that I know of can compete with this formulation, I only added 1oz to my 30 gal tank.

As for the AR9100 you sent me, I am waiting for my next due oil change to use. Several other members on have ordered some as well to try in their Ford 6.0L Powerstroke. I will spread the word about your products with the highest regards.

- From Harry (ASE Master certified diagnostic technician for Mercedes Benz).


Hi there! Just like to say that I bought your product in November for my 2011 Freelander 2. After the 2nd Tankful, the engine is more responsive and the consumption has gone up from 29 mpg to 38 mpg. On the motorway at a steady 60 mph, I actually saw 53.5mpg!! I am about to order another bottle!

- Regards, Graham R. Williams.

ARCHOIL© AR6200 and AR9100

I am naturally cynical about products like additives. However having read many reviews I decided to buy some. Having used your products (AR9100, AR6200 and Grease) I'm highly impressed with the quality and effectiveness.

The results are very noticeable with the AR6200 fuel catalyst. It is clearly evident that my car* is now more responsive with less visible soot emissions etc.

I also commend your customer service for offering prompt, unbiased, pragmatic and professional advice. Paul and Andy have always been particularly helpful.*AR9100 and AR6200 has been added to my families BMW 520 (110k), Toyota Verso (127k) and KIA Cee'd (20k). I have and will continue to recommend Archoil to all those concerned, Therefore please feel free to use this as a testimonial.

- Regards, Ian. Strathmore.

ARCHOIL© AR6200 and AR9300

Hi, update on the effect of Archoil 6200 + friction reducer in rear diff and engine. Basically I have used the same Mercedes e300 diesel for the last few years to travel to South Wales several times a year. Route is 214 miles and takes 3 and 3/4 hours or so. Best mpg previously recorded using the previous edition of ** additive was 39.3, more typically 37/38mpg.

I recently had to strip out the fuel tank and replace lines/filters etc due to corrosion on the outside causing problems. I made all the necessary repairs and fuelled up with Archoil treated fuel and put the friction reducers in the engine and back axle.

I have done two trips since and recorded 41.6mpg and 41.2mpg. The slight noise from the back axle heard on over-run has gone. I'm very pleased with the effect both from fuel economy and general get up and go-response and smooth running. The car has been to the moon and back but is reasonably well maintained and I am very familiar with the operating characteristics having owned it for so long.

- From Tim (Metallurgist Professor).


I have to say I've used the turbo cleaner, the injector cleaner previously and have also used the AR6300 for a while now on my Discovery 3 which has 160,000 miles on the clock and they are fantastic. Each product gave me a noticeable improvement in performance, so much so that now my daughter owns an 04 Freelander 1 with 130,000 miles on the clock, I'm going to give it the treatment too.

- Regards, Paul Ratcliffe.


Hi Andy, AR6300 arrived Saturday 22 February 2014, quite quick with good service. I've used the required dose in the tank as directed and filled up with diesel, after a few miles I've already noticed the difference - much smoother with better pick up, a very good product. I now have the AR9100 Oil and will be putting that in shortly.

- Cheers, Martin P.


I'm shortly going to carry out a filter clean with Archoil AR6500 on my Seat Ibiza Ecomotive. I'm currently using AR6300 additive and want to know if I should stop using the AR6300 before adding the AR6500 or to use both?

By the way, the effect of the AR6300 has made remarkable improvements to engine performance and economy.

- Cheers, Clive Pearson.


I recently purchased this decommissioned fire truck with a 6.0L diesel with only 51,000 miles. Being a fire service vehicle it was well maintained. After many hours of research on fuel / oil additives I decided to try Archoil. I added AR-6400 to clean my fuel system and within 50 miles, I noticed a HUGE increase in power and overall performance, imagine what it could do in an older vehicle! Next will be the AR-9100 in the engine and transmission to complete the performance package. Thank you for making such a fantastic product.

- you have a customer for life! Steve

ARCHOIL© AR6400 and AR6200

Hi - just thought I'd mention (in case anyone else asks!) that the 'internal flap' on my BMW is not sealing: basically, it's a rectangular bar across the end of the circular opening, so it's trivial to just pour the AR6400 in.

Noticeable difference in smoothness thanks, and I have the AR6200 for follow up regular use.

- Regards, Ian Pallister.

ARCHOIL© AR6400 and AR6600

Hi there, I purchased your service pack of AR6400 and AR6600. I have used the AR6400 and the improvement has been amazing, no more limp mode, acceleration unbelievable, nearly through the tank of fuel, 45 litres with about 15 litres left, should I add the AR6600 now or with fresh fuel or do I need to add it at all?

- Thanks, Rob.

ARCHOIL© AR6400 and AR6400-CR

I have used the standard AR6400 through my Freelander TD4 with 98k on the clock and with excellent results. However, I have noticed that there is an AR6400-CR for Common Rail diesels which the TD4 is, my question is, what it the difference between the two products?

I had great results from the standard (as well as the turbo clean and oil additive), used in combination I have actually improved the performance and mpg from when I bought the Freelander 8 years ago with 29k on the clock.

- Many thanks, Peter Holdstock.


Hi, I recently bought Archoil AR6400 Pro Petrol Cleaner PEA Concentrate for a Citroen C3 1.4 Petrol. It would not start without pressing the gas pedal. After having Archoil in the tank for 5 days, it started to start without having to press the gas pedal, I hope it continues to work ok.

I plan on using this cleaner on a regular basis. I have tried all sorts of cleaners from other motor manufacturers, none of them fixed the problem apart from Archoil.

Thanks very much for such an informed website and superb products.
- All the best, Bobby.


Hi, just tried the AR6400 in my Mercedes AMG and has resolved the misfire. Used to but 44K but will now use this as it works just as well and is easier to pour into the tank!

- Regards, J. Edwyn.


My order arrived early today, as prompt as the previous order. Only a small bit of business for you but you seem to give small orders the same service as you would a big one!

- Many thanks for a great service, Chris King.


I drive a Renault Megane Cabriolet 1997 2.0 litre 16v F7R 714 engine (66,000 miles) with a JC5 M manual 5 speed gearbox. I have used your AR6400 in the fuel, and have added AR9100 at the last oil change, and I must say, I'm impressed with the results. My question is... would the AR9100 be suitable for this gearbox using Elf Tranself NEP 75W80 oil?

- Many Thanks, S. Furnish.


Just used Archoil AR6400 on my Audi A6 2.5 TDI Quattro (120,000 miles) with great improvement in every area- well pleased with that!

- Many thanks, J. Gowans.


Hi, recently purchased your Archoil Professional Fuel System Cleaner for my Mini Cooper S. Very impressed by the extra boost - it appeared to immediately give to the supercharger.

- Thanks, Nick.


Hello, I have recently purchased and used your AR6400 product. In the past, my car achieved an average fuel consumption of 34.6 mpg, which for a high performance vehicle, I thought to be good.

Having used your product, together with fitting an ITG panel air filter, I'm now achieving 40.6 mpg. It looks like you will be saving me a great deal of money!

- Thank you so much - outstanding, Tony.

ARCHOIL© AR6400 / AR6200 / AR9100

I've used AR6400 and now started using AR6200 and AR9100 in my Mercedes ML and SLK. Very impressed with the AR6400 and AR6200 indeed. I have an Aston Martin DB7 Vantage and also now added AR6400 and will add AR6200 after the first tank is finished.

- Thanks!



Hi! I am not the type of person that contacts suppliers and complains about or praises a product and to be quite honest I only purchased the above, because when I had a service the mechanic said I might benefit from a fuel line cleaner. I was quite happy with the way my 06 Focus was running but I thought I would give it a try and after looking online yours looked one of the best.

So, I put it into 45 litres of petrol and of I went! I have only used about half a tank so far, but I am very impressed, it ticks over so smoothly that it’s hard to tell if the engines running and it runs smoothly in 5th gear at 30 mph with an instant response to the throttle at any time. Immediate starting, rapid acceleration it’s like a new car, I still can't quite believe it! I used to tell people that these "treatments" were rubbish, I stand corrected and recommend AR6400-P-MAX to anyone who has done significant mileage.

Well worth the price! - Yours Rick Smith



Just a quick note to thank you for the very quick order process and delivery. Ordered yesterday lunch time and it arrived here not long after 9.30am. Have just mixed up 200ml with 40lt petrol fuelling and will see how the product works. Used your diesel product with our previous car and it certainly worked, getting rid of hesitation etc.

-Regards John



I have recently put in a bottle of 6400 in my Jaguar XF. As there was nothing wrong with the car I merely felt that it would no harm to clear the injectors etc at 50,000 miles. However, although I have not noticed a Change in performance the mpg read out has improved from an expected 39 to 41 to around 43mpg and I have only burnt under half a tank of the doped fuel. I do find a noticeable gain at this stage surprising to say the least!



I bought some A6400-D MAX, and air intake spray to clean the EGR valve on my Astra van, from you this week and BOY WHAT A DIFFERENCE. I now have acceleration. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you, for your technical departments help and advice. Would most definitely recommend your products, to everyone.

Will be in touch very soon, for a repeat order. Thank you, EXCELLENT.

-Paul Luckhurst.



This product has solved all the issues my van was having, many thanks!

I can now drive at 70mph without it going into limp mode.

-Kind regards Jimmy B.



Just wanted to say this product is awesome and though I’ve only driven about 50 miles and not gone thru a full tank I can ready detect a difference in the engine sound and response …

Many thanks for your advice and recommendation.

- Regards Harry.



I purchased Archoil AR6400-D MAX cleaner last week, hoping that it would solve the problem of fault code P0234 (turbo overboost) showing on my 2007 VW Passat 2.0 TDI.

The car has now covered about 78000 miles. Around 6000 miles ago, the inlet manifold had to be replaced as it was found to be cracked. At the same time the EGR was manually cleaned as it was found to be rather clogged as a result of the manifold leak. I continued to use AR6200 fuel additive on most tankful’s, until it was time for the next clean. (I normally use a diesel cleaner annually).

A week ago during a long trip, fault code PO234 (turbo over boost) was found, although the car never went into limp mode. During discussion with both my garage and yourselves, I was advised to use a high strength cleaner, rather than have the turbo removed for investigation.

I am pleased to report that AR6400-D MAX seems to have solved the problem, in that the warning light has not shown again. Also, the car runs significantly quieter, smoother, revs more freely and with even better economy.

Thank you again for your help and providing a product that really works.

-Regards Peter Cogger


I just wanted to pass on my support of your brilliant product. I purchased ar6400d from Amazon in the UK for us on a tired 170k diesel Nissan. Well, it done a superb job on cleaning up the engine, it’s like driving a different car. You are the most expensive additive I've purchased but by far the best.

- Review by Mark Batt


Thanks for your advice the product started to work after about 40 miles. Light has now gone out thanks.

- Review by Arthur Oliver


Thanks for despatching so quickly.

I have just finished using your AR6400D Max with fantastic results on my Alfa Giulletta 2011 with 50k on the clock. Management light was on and the garage forecast about £300plus for a new EGR. Then after a full tank, light went out. So, thank you very much.

ARCHOIL© AR6400-D MAX / AR6400 / AR6800


I started to buy some Archoil products from you (via Amazon and eBay) in early 2015, to help deal with the poor running of my Jaguar X diesel. During that time, I've also telephoned your office on a couple of occasions and have spoken with Paul and I think, Andy for some technical advice on the products.

I just wanted to send you a short note to thank you for the service and products you supply.

The products that I have ordered have always arrived promptly and have been packaged securely and extremely well.The invoicing documentation is also comprehensive.

The advice that I've have received when I've called has also been very helpful indeed. In fact, had it not been for the products you supplied and your assistance, I would most definitely have disposed of the car by now (such was the poor running), which would have been a real shame because I've always had it fully serviced to schedule and like it very much.

- Thank you, Regards Anil Prasad



I purchased a twin pack of the above from you on the 21/9. I’d bought a 58 plate Corsa Van (1.3 CDTI) with an over boost issue due to carboned up veins and a sticking waste gate, which would cause it to go into limp mode while accelerating hard. I bought it expecting to buy a new turbo in all honesty, but knowing there was various products out there I thought I’d give that a shot first. Knowing and reading about lots that were more like a placebo, I didn’t hold much hope of anything make a difference.

Archoil by far came back with the best results and the reviews on your website instilled a bit more confidence. So, I purchased a twin pack as my 09 Plate 2.0 TDCI Mondeo was a bit difficult to start from cold and lumpy.

Put it into a full tank of the Corsa and set about doing the frequent motorway journeys I do. For the first 100mile it kept going into limp mode, and I didn’t hold out much hope. I then had another journey to do, where I managed to wind it up to 80mph for about 50miles or so. Got to where I needed to be, set off back, and started giving it some stick to see if it had done anything. Accelerated hard through 3rd and 4th where it’d normally go into limp mode, and nothing, drove all the way back home trying to get it to do it as I thought it was a fluke. Even more so it was now boosting smoothly with less turbo noise. Kept expecting the issue to come back but 3000 odd miles since and no sign of the over boost problem. I’d even say fuel economy has improved a bit.

Did a 500mile round trip in my Mondeo and again, brilliant results, starting issues have gone and a slight improvement in fuel economy.

I rarely send in positive feedback on products, but this £17 bottle of additive saved me from buying a new turbo. I didn’t hold out high hopes but this is an awesome product. I’ve tried various well known branded products in the past and seen no improvement in whatever issue is what meant to help with. So, it’s nice to find something that does what it says. So much so I’ve ordered a bottle yesterday for my BMW X3 just to clean whatever muck has built up in it over time.

Anyway, hope I’ve not bored you too much but felt compelled to give you my feedback. A brilliant product, have recommended it to several customers and friends for similar issues.

- Thanks Harry Pearson


Used AR6400 D-Max in fuel system and it solved problem of flashing glow-plug light + limp home mode. Saved on 3800 garage bill so I think the product is great and have just ordered a second any other recommendations for keeping engine working efficiently.

- Review by Barry Edwards


well, I'm amazed with this product I put it in a half a tank of fuel, put £20 in to mix it up then off to a long duel carriage way and ragged the engine and wow what a differential in the performance in my 2ltr Mondeo car it starts fine and the engine runs lovely and smooth I will use this again once a year and every year from now on thanks guys.

- Review by Kevin

ARCHOIL© AR6400-D / AR6200 / AR6300 / AR2820 / AR2300 / AR9100

Hey guys! My name's Mubzi -

I'm an Aeronautics Engineer based in the UK. I just wanted to let you know I think your products are fantastic, I've been using them on my BMW E92 diesel and recommended them to a lot of people I know, even the local BMW specialist mechanics. So far, I've used the AR6400-D, AR6200, AR6300, AR2820, AR2300 and AR9100

I've also started a thread on a global BMW owners forum and thought you might like to read it, , seems like I've converted a few others too!

- Many thanks, Mubzi.


I recently bought your AR6400-D from your website, and only bought my Peugeot 407 HDi 2.0 in January and had just over 105,500 miles on the clock. The car was giving me about 44.5 mpg. Since putting the AR6400-D in the car, it's now giving me about 50.0 to 51.5 mpg. The car now runs a lot smoother and has more power WOW!! I'm impressed, once used I will use the AR6200 20ml bottle to treat 200 litres given to me as a sample.

- Many thanks, Kelly P.


Hi there, firstly postage and packing - all very quick and prompt. The parcel was very well wrapped, but must have been subject to a bit of a beating as the AR6400 had seeped a little. Didn't seem to have lost much, so not the end of the world but makes you wonder what had happened to it to make the seal fail!

Anyway, onto the product itself. My car is a Saab 9-3 TiD 150 on a '07 and was averaging 38 mpg doing motorway miles at about 600 miles a week. I knew something wasn't right, but so far it's had the EGR, MAF, MAP and injectors all checked and nothing found to be wrong. The DPF has been regenerated but still the car seemed down on the economy figures and a little 'flat'. I had been using Millers Eco Diesel Power Plus with every fill-up but I thought it would be worth giving the AR6400 a go after reading about it being a 'new technology' (and not simply just a bottle of Kerosene or Two Stroke Oil).

I've now done a full tank - the exact same driving I do every week and the mpg is reading 44 mpg - I didn't modify my driving style and the car is exactly the same but the AR6400 seems to have worked wonders. In addition, it feels smoother too and generally more pleasant to drive thanks to a feeling of more torque being available.

I'd recommend AR6400 to anyone who has checked the items I have, and still feels their car is lacking. It's not a magic potion and won't fix a broken car or parts but it's really done the trick for me! Feel free to use this review - it's a good product so it's worth shouting about.

- Cheers James.


I've used AR6400-D on my engine to great effect - It seems to have freed up a sticky turbo too! I found it better than BG244, which I've used for a few years in that respect. After using the 6400-D I then discovered the existence of AR6400-CR. Since my engine has common rail injection, please can you tell me if I should have used the CR version of AR6400 and not the D version? Does it make any difference? What is the difference between the AR6400-D and the AR6400-CR please?

- Yours sincerely, Ian G. Oliver.


Hi David, There's a link to the AR6400-D thread I just started on There is no question this stuff (as well as all of Archoil's products) sets the bar well above all others. Everyone I work with is a believer in these products - and these are master certified technicians with tons of experience, they run Archoil in all of their own personal vehicles.

- Harry.


The following is an article I posted on the Jaguar forums, if it is of any use to you then please feel free to use it.

"Hi guys. I'm new to these forums however I've found them a very interesting read. I've had the same problem as most on here with the car showing more warning lights than a jumbo jet out of fuel! Because of the constant selection of 'Limp' home mode, one garage said they would have to take the gearbox apart at the cost of a couple of thousand pounds.

A couple of weeks ago the car wouldn't start at all - after 5 days of scratching my head and after reading these forums I found out about the EGR Valve and someone said tap it with a rubber mallet, which I did. Hey Presto the bloody thing started. It seemed to me that the slightest bit of dirt would make the valve stick and because the sensors really couldn't tell what was wrong all sorts of lights lit up and 'limp' mode engaged.

Anyway, I have solved all my problems with an amazing product called Archoil. The product was AR6400-D. It's supposed to clean your system including the EGR. I have only had the stuff in there for about 100 miles now and the difference is amazing. I'm hoping that before long I can take the rubber mallet out of my boot! It's embarrassing sitting in the supermarket car park belting hell out of a Jaguar engine to make it go like most cars – I'm sceptical about products like this but I was desperate and willing to try anything.

Footnote: I am in no way connected to the makers of Archoil. Just an ordinary Joe trying to get his car to work efficiently.

- Thank-you.


Dear Sirs, I have just completed a course of your AR 6400-D and the small bottles of concentrate on my Audi A6 All Road which has now completed 211,000 miles.

This product did exactly what you said it would. I had forgotten how smooth this engine could be and the Emission fault light (which had been on for 20,000 miles) went off after about 300 miles. I wish to continue with your product, so what do you recommend to maintain the continued reduction in carbon etc.

- Thanks, J Smith.


I've never written a testimonial before but your product deserves it! I have a Mondeo 1.8 TDCI which has now covered 132,000 miles and delivers 61 mpg. On the two occasions that my engine had starting problems: once at 67,000 miles and second time at 88,000 miles I immediately used a bottle of AR6400-D.

Both times it solved it within 2 to 3 days. Since then I have run a bottle through every 10,000 miles with no problems in last 50,000 miles (5 bottles). This fuel additive makes the engine run smoothly too, however you can tell it needs it again after 8,000 miles since last bottle.

- Keep making this! Jonathan Kelly.


Hello, I drove to the south of France to visit relatives and they have a string of high mileage diesel cars and vans. I bought a bottle of AR6400-D to use on the trip. However at arriving at the host's home, the discussion of Diesel engines came up. The conversation ended with me gifting them my bottle of AR6400-D.

Their old Renault Megane diesel with 340,000 km on the clock was completely transformed by your magic potion - they thought the car was on its last legs. Under 100 miles of driving with Archoil in the tank became quieter, faster and more responsive.

My host was so impressed with Archoil, he called his local garage owner at 11pm at night demanding to know why he hadn't stocked any Archoil.

Good luck, I think you have a new bunch of customers here in south of France. All with diesel cars and fleet vans to operate.

- Thanks, Asim B.


Thank-you for your recommendation for the fuel additive for my '53 plate Volvo S60 D5 with currently 186k on the clock.

What a result! With a bottle of AR6400-D applied to tank, no thump in the back and noticeable power increase, however post treatment it 100% definitely requires less throttle input to pick up revs! Also the classic diesel plume that appears when on boost has all but vanished!?! Incredible!!!

Commute mpg is up already and all of the above has been experienced just after 44 miles! I look forward to further improvements as it continues to clean lube and whatever other wizardry things AR6400-D does. Always been sceptical, but I'm a convert and after covering my next 5k as recommended, I'll be back for another batch.

- Cheers, Dan.


Hi, thank you for my ordered items and your efficiency in getting them shipped out to me so promptly. I recommend both your company and products to my friends and family, as I have used several of these items for quite a while and have seen (and felt) noticeable performance improvements.

- Thanks again, Peter Smith.

ARCHOIL© AR6400-D and AR6200

Just a quick email to congratulate you on the Diesel Fuel Injector Cleaner. It did exactly what it says on the instructions, cured the fault code on my Saab 9-3, tried other ones but to no avail, so will order from time to time this excellent product.

- Regards, Mr Brian Sparks.

ARCHOIL© AR6400-D and AR6200

Order received on time - great products, already getting better fuel returns and my car seems a lot smoother now. Going to order more for the other family member's vehicles. Thanks for advice on products.

- Thanks, James Murray.

ARCHOIL© AR6400-D and AR6300

I ordered this last week and received some sound advice from Paul, who was genuinely helpful, giving me a lot of time and attention on the phone.

I've used the BG244 in the past for my diesel Lexus IS200 (2009) and it has been fine, it is not a myth and what others have been saying on the site is not just random hype. I RARELY give feedback for products as I buy anywhere online, but the truth has to be said in this case. When the Powerenhancer team said that these fuel treatments are solutions, they are not joking around!

I used the Archoil AR6400-D Diesel Cleaner and AR6300 Fuel Modification Complex for my 2009 Lexus and after a few miles of driving I felt the difference. The sluggish behaviour was gone! I had an issue where the car was pulling back and after the treatment it was gone! I prayed for a solution and this was the answer. I went to the mechanic and he quoted me £300 to clean out a part I can't even remember the name of. They said that it's a part the often goes wrong and needs to be either cleaned or replaced - this was obviously not the case. Others should try it out for themselves just like me. I'm surprised these products don't have a money-back guarantee.

Thank God and thank you Paul for all your help.

- Kind regards, Terence.


Morning Andy, Firstly, I wanted to say how pleased I am with the product. Having been suffering the dreaded MIL light and Depollution fault warnings, with regular limp mode at 3,000 rpm, one treatment appears to have cured the issue.

My question now, is it ok to use the AR6400-D after the AR6600? As when you look online it always appears they should be the other way around.

- Thanks.


I bought a Jaguar X Type (2005) 2.0 diesel in November 2014 and it's been producing a fault during high revs generally during overtaking. The glow plug light would come on and the car would go into limp mode. A simple switch 'off' and 'on' of the ignition cleared this, however it would happen again during high revs in lower gears. I eventually decided to bite the bullet and get quotes and was initially told it would cost approximately £200 for a split pipe to £1,000 for a new turbo (which apparently was due as the current one has covered 103,000 miles). It was booked to go in for the dreaded diagnosis, but last minute I cancelled and ordered a bottle of AR6600-D through Amazon.

I mixed it with 1/4 tank of diesel and took it for a good run. Since this, not once has the car gone in to limp mode (approx. 1 month) I have even tried to recreate the fault on open roads in safe conditions and I can't. £30 and it's fixed! You need to get your ads on the Jaguar forums because when I did my research the problem I had was certainly not isolated... it's very common. When I put my foot down now all I get is power. Well as much as you can get from 130hp.

- Regards, Jason Yates.


I have to say that Archoil products work really well for me in my 2.0L diesel BMW X3. Also the forums / blog are useful in understanding what goes on within and why it sometimes plays up.

- Once again, thanks for your help, Steve.


Just wanted to say thanks - it has worked a treat and cleared the problem with a stuttering turbo causing a terrible flat spot at 3,500 revs.

- Regards.


Hello, just want to say how pleased I am with the Archoil AR6600 Turbo Cleaner. Recently my VW Passat wouldn't go past 3k revs without throwing me into limp mode. I've taken it to garages which have said the vanes in the turbo are sticking and I'd probably need a new turbo.

So anyway £15 worth of diesel + a bottle of AR6600 and a blast down the motorway and it seems to have cleared. The car has never had so much of a kick behind it. Thanks a lot saved me a big mechanic bill.

- Thanks, Liam O.


Hi guys, just a thank you for your honest and efficient service. I received my products last Saturday as promised, and promptly put in the Turbo Cleaner and went for a long run (approximately 70 miles round trip). When that fuel was used, I then added £20.00 of diesel and used my Discovery 3 normally.

I noticed a difference almost straight away, as I have now done a few miles since putting it in my tank and it has made a big difference to my engines performance on a cold morning. From a cold start the tick over was very lumpy till warm up and it felt sluggish driven slowly. Now when cold +2 Celsius it runs smooth and also it pulls away and accelerates now with no effort and very little pressure on the throttle pedal. Also, with the two treatments it has reduced the black smoke which was being produced out of the tailpipes.

I can't believe the difference it has made to my engine. I have read about Discovery owners changing the turbo when all mine seemed to be sticky vanes (mine has a variable vane turbo) and it has done the trick. Well done to all at Powerenhancer and/or selling products that do what they say on the tin.

- Regards, Howard Fall.


Hi, one of the greatest products I have used in our Audi A4 2.7 TDI is the Archoil AR6800 - this is an excellent product. I have also used AR6200 – which is also very good.

I have purchased other Archoil products from you, and they have all been great! Your website, choice and services are always great and I mention to other receptive, interested people, the products you stock.

- Pete Hobbs - Tywyn, Gwynedd UK.


Best fuel economy ever! Before using Archoil: 9,3L diesel / 100km. First tank with AR6800 sample @ 100ml/80L of diesel: 8,5L / 100km! No other Archoil products used yet - only AR6800. 2007 (year) and 13,5000km on the clock using regular cheap diesel.

- Regards, Wojtek.


Hi There, just realised I missed the deadline for the end of May Discount Code as a regular customer for Archoil. Any chance of getting a discount as repeat customer on my order? I was thinking of getting another bottle of AR6800 but I need to keep an eye on the budget!

My new partner has a 185 horse power Mazda Sport, and since I started using the AR products on that engine it surely growls!! I was adding 5ml of the AR6200 with 10ml AR6800. Every 4th tank I would put in 5ml AR9100 to the diesel as an upper cylinder lube. Car has done 58,000 miles. I have a Spider Chip in a 2010 Focus 110 Diesel which takes her to 143bhp. I use the same Archoil recipe as for the Mazda. Takes me easily to 150bhp on acceleration even puts the Mazda to the test!

- Please let me know anyway. Great product! Alex Dempster.

ARCHOIL© AR6800 and AR6200

I used the CR together with some of the AR6800 and AR6200 mixed in a full tank and I must say I would estimate that it has given me an extra 5 - 7 mpg on a long run (over 500 miles continuous over a couple of days.) When I was running the car it just felt so much more responsive on the throttle. Before with cruise control on at 55mph I would normally get about 60mph, with the above cocktail of ARs and standard Tesco diesel I was getting round about 65-68mph so I am very happy with that and that's before I have put in the AR9100 and new oil - so hopefully may get a bit more.

I will be running my V6 Galaxy on the petrol equivalent ARs (AR6400 with AR6200 mixed with standard Tesco unleaded - just after its oil change with AR9100.) So if I can get a similar gain I will be very happy. It has already had a dose of AR6400 on its own and as it's mostly used around town. It's only gained about 1 or 2 mpg so not really a fair test at the moment.

I look forward to your reply ASAP, as whilst you've got the offer on of 20% off it's a good time to stock up.

- Many thanks, Chris Bell.


Just a short note to say that this additive has cured the persistent warm-up flat spot on my Golf 1.6 TDI 90 Estate that has existed for two years or more. I suspect the problem was a sticky EGR valve that has now been cleaned up with the AR6900-D. Brilliant. Nobody at the Volkswagen garage really wanted to even look into it. I suspect I must be one of many that has suffered this problem - nothing serious, but rather annoying, and solvable. I’m rather surprised they did not try and sell me a new EGR unit, for a small fortune!

- Best regards, and thanks again for a great product, - Victor H


My 2006 Land Rover Discovery 3 has been using one of you Archoil products since it 90,000 miles it just topped 252,000 miles and unfortunately I was afforded the opportunity to have a look inside. I say unfortunately as I snapped a cam chain. My friendly mechanic called me down to have a look and when I arrived I discovered 3 other mechanics from different garages who'd come to stare in amazement at the condition of this aged 2.7ltd TDV6 engine. My mechanic had been so impressed and excited at what he'd found he'd called his mates to come and see. I drive my old girl hard in all types of condition using diesels in countries that aren't renowned for any form of British Standard when it comes to fuel care and I put the condition of my engine down to the Archoil AR6900-D max. What else can I say but Brilliant, Thanks and keep it up. Once repaired my truck will be back on her favourite tipple.

- Thank you, Powerenhancer! - Paul R


Just to let you know I have been using the AR6900-D MAX for just over 1 week, and driven just over 400 miles and I can’t believe the difference already, the engine tick over is now running smoothly again, and my car has so much more power, pulls away nice and smoothly, not sluggish any more, even when it’s been cold first thing in the morning, the car is now running so much better.

- Regards Garry


My Citroen3 is still giving 44MPG + now 12/19 . 46 .8 in the summer with 6900/ P . also using oil additive . 58 mpg possible with care extra urban mileage ..


"Since I bought my 1994y Citroen XM Y4 2.0i 16v 4 years ago, I have been using fuel system cleaners on a regular basis. These were preparations including from Liqui Moly and Xado, applied to the tank once during refueling. Their influence was hardly felt and disappeared with the fuel to which they were added.

A few months ago I decided to use the Archoil kit: the AR-6400 P-MAX cleaning concentrate, used once, and the AR-6900 P-MAX fuel modifier, used with every refueling. The first one intensively cleans the system, the second prevents the formation of contamination and "improves lubricity" (fuel) and "improves the quality of combustion".

The influence of the first measure was not felt in any way, while the effect of the second one is clear, evident and very positive. I use 1-2 ml of the preparation per liter of fuel (the manufacturer recommends 1-4 ml). My car became noticeably quieter (the humming of the exhaust system was felt by me after replacing the middle muffler - the new Klarius turned out to be louder than the leaky, burnt Walker), the engine runs smoother, smooth and velvety, individual work cycles became more difficult to distinguish, especially However, all the changes concern performance: the car accelerates noticeably better, the engine eagerly turns into rotation from the bottom and does it casually, without effort.

What can I add? I am VERY happy with the results. They are even more spectacular with my Yamaha Cygnus 125 (1999), which I have been driving every day for a year: smooth, smooth running of the engine, immediate response to opening the throttle, was joined by a decrease in fuel consumption from 3.2-3.4 liters to 2.6 -2.8 liters, i.e. by approx. 20%. A revelation for me. I recommend you try it. "


Good Morning,

I want to express my surprise at the difference it has made to my Ford Kuga Titanium X 4X4 Turbo auto by adding your Archoil AR6900-P Max Advanced Petrol Synthesis to one tank of petrol (12 Gallons).

This car has only covered 14700 miles and I am the second owner. It was exclusively used in London by the first owner and on short town runs mainly by me apart from occasional motorway runs of 100 miles or so.

The actual figures are:

Prior to adding your product: 32.4 Mpg approx. overall 140 motorways and 20 in town

After: 38.4 mpg on the same run with same load. 6 mpg improvement!

Quite a difference!

Many thanks,Best Regards

Dr Richard White


Hello Andy, impressive results obtained on a 26ft ski boat with two 90hp Yamahas. 130 nautical miles on 150 litres with increased performance. The same route was consuming 220 litres of fuel, 6 crew and 500kg fish load on.

Return didn't bog the boat at all. I only used AR7200 at 5ml to 25 litres.

- Alan at Spec petroleum East London.


Hi Andy

I am writing again as an update on your recommendation to use AR9100 as I was unaware as to whether a flushing agent had ever been used on the car.

My car, a 2007 Octavia Scout 2.0pdi, was bought with 70k and has now 130k. Since 100k and recognising the inevitable wear that comes with it, I have used Quantum long life oil but changed it every 10k rather than flexible service intervals which were previously giving me 13-18k. I have just changed the oil again which means that AR9100 has now used for the 3rd time.

I am writing to report back that the oil condition monitor is not giving me a full 10k but kicking in at just over 9k. I am pleased with this! It means that the gentle flushing must be working and contaminating the oil thereby triggering the monitor.

I have found that all Archoil products are great, your guidance is spot on and I am a very satisfied customer.

- Regards, Mike Young.


Just returned from a 2,100 mile trip to Spain and I have to tell you that using the Boron additive with the oil you recommended proved to be perfect for my Range Rover V8.

It really has never been so smooth. I am always careful to ensure fresh oil in the sump before a long hot drive to Spain which my 1991 Range Rover deserves but with the added AR9100 you could not ask for a better combination. Just waiting for your next discount code I will re-order for stock. Thanks Andy.

- Regards, Alan.


The importance of your products is understated and, I can prove it. To say nothing about what it's doing for my 2004 Ford PowerStroke 6.0L F250. The friction modifier rescued my wife's 05 Honda Civic. We bought her a new Civic and I followed the recommended services, and at 160k miles it's started burning a quart a month. At 180k it was burning a quart a week. I added Archoil friction modifier and it went to burning a quart in 2 weeks. Then 2 weeks after that it stopped burning any oil.

I was dumbfounded. I had my wife convinced I had to put a new motor in her civic. Now I'm convinced every motor, and, I mean every motor should be running Archoil products.

I would like to represent your products - I need materials to do so. Brochures, product samples and, advertising material. I would even go so far to advertise on my beautiful 2004 Ford PowerStroke 6.0L F250. I'm a gear head and like to repair my own things whenever possible. I'm 38 years old and look good, approachable and polite. Most important I believe in Archoil and I am delighted at the successes your products deliver which starts immediately the moment a person ads it to their tank.

- Travis EE Thornton.


The AR9100 is well worth it in my humble opinion. I just love that it's an oil additive that actually works - and you can feel the difference. I remember buying some Slick50 back in the late 90's for my first car which I knew like the back of my hand, so I could sense any small differences in performance; but then having realised how much money I wasted I vowed never again, and just ensured I ran on synthetic.

I've used the AR9100 in all sorts of cars, the petrol ones seem to respond best, but that could be due the high mileage on my test cars i.e. they will have lost more power which gets restored. I used some in my Granddad's car (ex-mechanic) - he thought I'd rebuilt the top of the engine :-)

- Regards, Richard Frank.


Thanks! I have just replaced the gear oil in my 1992 Lexus SC400 along with the recommended amount of the AR9100 additive. What a tremendous difference! Zero gear noise. Zero backlash. Very Smooth. I have a number of cars, and this made a believer out of me. The Lexus is my favourite car again. Many thanks for all that you do.

- Gary E. A.

ARCHOIL© AR9100 and AR6200

Hi, just to let you know that I received the Archoil products I ordered. Have added to the oil and what a difference, engines a lot smoother and quieter. Not really had a chance to test the fuel one yet as only done short runs, but will put it to the test in a couple weeks as we are going to Scotland so will let you know when we get back.

- Thank-you

ARCHOIL© AR9100 and AR6200

Hi, just some feedback on the Archoil products I used on my weeks holiday to Scotland. I added the oil and burner products to my VW Sharan 1.9 TDI 115 bhp, smooth running and returned 45 mpg fully laden with 4 adults 2 dogs and luggage. 1,500 miles in a week, great products will be ordering again soon.

- Thanks again, Richard.

ARCHOIL© AR9100 / AR2300 / AR2820

Changed the oil on the R129 today – again, 16 years old with 115k on the clock - after 5k miles. Used Motul 8100 5-40 and AR9100; ran AR2300 for 800 miles pre-change and then flushed with AR2820.

The state of the oil filter was staggering – the inner metal drum was as clean as when it went in, and there was nothing to be seen caught in the paper pleats whatsoever (a proper old school Mahle metal drum filter). Runs like the day it was made.

- Wonderful, John Moser.

ARCHOIL© AR9300 and AR6200

The previous average for the Mercedes E320 CDI before an oil change (plus addition of the additive) was 27.5 mpg according to the trip computer. After driving 800 miles with the additive - with the same driving pattern and same brand/grade of oil used - the mpg has climbed to an average of 30.5 mpg - just over a 10% improvement so I'm well pleased. When will you be launching this product and do you have any more info on it you could send me?

- Regards, Danny.

Redline MT-90

Just an email to say thanks for the Redline MT-90 gear oil. (And for the discount as I had to buy 3 bottles). It has reduced the notchy and quite stiff gear changes in my MX5 NC Mk.3.5. Has diminished a whine sound too. Seems like faster down shifting too. As in product description. Excellent.

- Best regards, Daniel Judd.

BG 244 Fuel Cleaner

Hi Andy, Thanks for your helpful Email. The can of BG 244 Fuel Cleaner arrived and was duly put into the fuel tank, I'm pleased to say it nailed it in one. The jerking has stopped and it's running as smooth as I've ever known it.

- Cheers!

BG244 Fuel Cleaner

Hi Andy, You will be glad to hear on my friend's Ford Mondeo 2.0L diesel with a DPF (DW10BTED4 engine) it gave a solid 10% fuel economy improvement and restored the car's original responsive and engine note/noise. Thanks!

- Regards, Istiaque.

BG244 Fuel Cleaner

When I first acquired my car it had done 122k miles and I didn't expect major improvements, but after using your product every 2nd fill, the mpg has improved from 44 mpg to 48 mpg and the car is now at 131K. Thanks!

- Best regards, Kelvin Smith.

BG244 Fuel Cleaner

Just to say thank you, and although too early to judge on any improvements on the car or boat, I am so impressed with your company care, I've sent details to my brother in Guernsey.

- Regards, Mike Wiggins.

BG244 Fuel Cleaner

I have nearly used a full tank of fuel after using your product in my Seat Exeo 2.0 Litre DSL (143ps). It had done 9,500 miles from new so should not have been too bad in any case, but after only a few miles it was a different car, quieter/smoother/more responsive etc. I only do about 8,000-9,000 miles per year so will make sure I put some in every year from now on. It's brilliant, give it a try and you will be amazed at the difference. This stuff is not your average DIY rubbish.

- Regards, Dave Clark.

Star Brite Rust Stain Remover


Just wanted to say, what a fantastic service. To order and receive the item in less than 24 hours plus tracking is absolutely brilliant, it's no wonder you have 100% Positive feedback.

Also, the Product is also unbelievable and got rid of my rust stains which have been on my motorhome for over a year "gone in less than 3 minutes" when everything else I tried failed, looks like new again.

Keep up the good work


General Reviews about our products

Good afternoon. I'm just writing a quick email to let you know the results on using your Diesel Treatment.

We recently bought a low mileage 2010 KIA Sportage 4x4 with 6k miles on the clock. The KIA dealer said that an elderly gentleman had owned it since they supplied it and it had only been used for pootling around in. When we got it home and started using it, it felt like it needed a really good clear out. I gave it a motorway run but it was still hesitant, especially when setting off in 1st and then moving up to 2nd and so on.

Anyway, I used it as instructed. Put it in the tank and then filled up. I felt a difference in just a few miles but couldn't quite believe it and thought I might just be wanting it to work too much so I waited until I had driven 250 miles and then I took my husband out in it. He couldn't believe the difference!

We are so pleased and so I thought that I would let you know.

- Thank you, Sarah Jones.

What a great purchase, I have tried a few products and I can honestly say what a product! After just a tank full of fuel what a difference! The car sounds quiet, crisper on the throttle response and is giving an extra few miles. I fully recommend this to anyone, as they say "Probably the best treatment on the market". Used on BMW 525 Sport... Please add to your testimonial if you wish.

- Kind regards, Milan.

Can't believe it! I have only done 15 miles of mixed driving (around town and a short blast on the motorway), and the engine has stopped "juddering" when idling. I will leave further feedback next week if that's alright, fingers crossed.

- Thank-you, Robert Dunn.

All I can say is WOW!!! After a half a tank of gas I have a noticeable increase in power and reduced engine clatter. Seriously, my engine runs and sounds sweet... almost like the Nissan engine was yanked and someone dropped a BMW inline 6 in there. Well, maybe that's a bit exaggerated, but it's quite a bit smoother and better sounding. I also expect an increase in gas mileage, but I won't know for at least a week after I fill up and drive normally on the next tank.

- Thank-you…

Andy, as you know I have been in the trade for a long time - even longer than you! I'm always amazed by your level of knowledge and expertise. Would you like a job? I know your job is a tough one as there is so much crap out there and it's refreshing to have a supplier that will only provide the very best solutions for me and my customers but also with the support to match. We continue to use you for this reason.

- Much appreciated, Brendon Roberts (Master Mechanic).

Good morning… I have now been using your products for a few months now and I would like to say... they DO deliver!

- Thank-you.

I have been a stonemason for 50 years and have worked on many prestige projects - I'm a perfectionist and I have only one word for Archoil - 'AWESOME'. Anyone that does not believe it works should try it.

- Alan Warwick.

I've used the majority of the full tank of fuel, and I have to say the difference is quite amazing:

1. Issue with high revs - at just over 5,000 rpm it would often stop pulling or revving properly, depending on the weather (hot / cold etc.) Totally handled. It now just keeps going without faltering

2. Its smoother through the whole rev range

3. It sounds slightly different and revs and pulls better than before

4. Slight pre-ignition at low revs - totally handled - I purposely let the revs drop very low in 5th gear and not a sound, just a smooth pick up and gradual acceleration.

5. Although I don't particularly monitor mpg, it's clearly doing more mpg than previous - I drove from Hastings to Great Yarmouth then filled up with fuel again for the return journey and added the Archoil. I came all the way back and did an additional 40 miles before the fuel level came to around the same level as the first journey without the Archoil.

The car is a 1998 Ford Cougar that's done 137,000 miles.

- I can absolutely recommend this product, Mark Baldwin.

Happy to say my order was safely delivered. Thanks for your excellent service.

- Regards Gerald Wallace.

ARCHOIL© AR6900-P MAX Delivery to Isle of Wight

My order for two litres of AR6900-P was placed at about 11:30 am yesterday. It was delivered to the Isle of Wight! at 11:00am this morning. Utterly incredible service.


Feedback following recent purchases on ebay -

Good morning, I have now been using your products for a few months now and I would like to say... they do deliver!

Excellent service, Thanks.

Excellent item with very quick delivery...AAAAA+++++++++

Great Item!!!! Many Thanks!!!Fast Delivery!!!

Speedy delivery. The product seems very effective too

Quality product. Super fast delivery. Thank you

Excellent product, even better seller!!!

Could not believe the performance this stuff gave my car... very recommended

WOW - This diesel treatment worked noticeably within 10 miles !! Excellent AA++

Works great, sorted running problems on my Evo 8 great stuff

Professional service, fast delivery. would buy from again!!!! 5*****

Prompt del, 5 yr mini, about a 1/3 of tank thro & idle has smoothed a bit so far

Rapid delivery as I have come to expect from this A1 seller -

First class! recommended to anyone -


Good product. Stopped the car stalling and runs much more smoothly.-

Too fast for business...wish all sellers were just like you, extremely fast postage-

Stripped out all my gum in the throttle body A++++++++++++++++++++++++++-

Great service, Amazing product my engine is so much more responsive and smoother -

Bought 2 items - did job perfectly. Does exactly as it says on the tin! – Thank You. -

Came quickly thanks A++++ All good condition and works too! Very pleased. -

Top item fast delivery. and recommended for any high powered car.-

Good stuff does wot it says get better by the mile-

Engine stopped smoking under hard acceleration, seemed quieter as well.-

Good item fast delivery. Works well. Best octane booster around.-

Fast recorded delivery, does what it says on the can! – Thanks.-

Got here before I ordered it !!!!!!!!!!!! (almost) ++++ Best service ever ++++++-

Very fast delivery. Ordered in the afternoon, delivered next am. Excellent service!-

This stuff really works! Smoother engine after just 20 miles. Fast delivery too! -

WOW!! Lightening delivery paid yesterday afternoon got it this morning A1 seller. -

Does what is says on the tin, highly recommended, thanks again-


AR6200 has improved my Peugeot 3008 by miles...literally + 6mpg & extra power. -Archoil AR6200 Pro Fuel Conditioner & Cleaner

This stuff really works! just ordered some more for my other car. -Archoil AR6400-D Pro PEA Concentrate Diesel Cleaner

Great product does what it says on the tin many thanks! -BG 244 Diesel Fuel System and Engine Cleaner

Great product, quick delivery, hassle free. Thanks!! -BG 244 Diesel Fuel Injector & Engine Cleaner

Excellent product, mpg increase and nippier!!! -BG 244 Diesel Fuel Injector & Engine Cleaner

Excellent product. As described. Recommended -Archoil AR9100 Advanced Friction Modifier Oil Additive

I use nothing but archoil products. Always from Powerenhancer. Best seller!! -Archoil AR6200 Pro Fuel Conditioner & Cleaner

A really good buy thanks works really well! -BG 244 Diesel Fuel Injector & Engine Cleaner

Exactly as described, packed well and delivered quickly

Excellent Service, Quick Delivery, Would Recommend Seller To Anyone

Fantastic product & service. Arrived really quickly. Highly recommended.

Thanks just as described.

Superb!! Accurate description, quick delivery. Great eBayer.

great value,fast delivery,spot on all round as usual,thanks

Highly recommended Seller, Pleasant transaction

Excellent service and price, very quick delivery too. Thanks!

Good communication product as described trust worthy

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Same service I always get, first class! Thank you again

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Received it safely in the post. Absolutely over the moon. Excellent condition.

Great seller and very quick and easy to deal with,fantastic perfect packaging

A totally 100% genuine seller. Can not rate highly enough. Thanks

Delivery service is excellent, recommended it, very happy

Perfect eBay transaction. Good product. Good seller. Fast delivery. Recommended

Fantastic Product, Fantastic Service & Delivery thankyou :-)

A very fast dispatch, the fastest ever I think, thank you very much!