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BG 248 Diesel Fuel Conditioner Plus - 325ml

Diesel Fuel System Cleaner and Cetane Booster

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This is the new BG 248 for diesels and cetane booster for diesels engines. BG 248 cleans the entire diesel fuel system including injectors and nozzles to restore maximum fuel atomization. It also Increases the cetane quality of diesel fuel and contains BG Diesel Pump Lubricant to protect pump parts from damage or failure due to low-sulfur fuel.

Special pour depressant additives isolate wax crystals as they are formed during cold weather and prevent their growing together; thus, fuel flows freely at sub-zero temperatures. BG 248 reduces exhaust smoke, provides smoother and quieter operation, improves fuel economy and restores maximum power and performance to diesel engines. Catalytic converter and oxygen sensor safe.

Note: This product is perfectly safe for all diesel engines including those with turbo chargers, common rails, DPFs etc.


Because of a continuing decline in the quality of diesel fuel, the operators of diesel vehicles are subjected to a variety of problems ranging from excessive smoke to gelled fuel in the wintertime. When injector nozzles become partially clogged, the fuel is not properly atomized resulting in insufficient combustion of the fuel, excessive exhaust smoking and loss of power. Low-aromatic, low sulfur diesel fuel, which is required by law to reduce emissions, does not contain sufficient lubricity and can actually ruin the pumps in some diesel engines.

Cetane is a measurement of the ignition quality of diesel fuel, and it is critical to diesel engine operation. The cetane number of commercially available diesel fuel has dropped dramatically in recent years. Consequently, engine performance under various operating conditions can be affected significantly.


BG 248 is a diesel fuel conditioner which is capable of solving these problems and increasing an operator’s flexibility of choice of available fuel. Ingredients in BG 248 work quickly to clean the entire fuel system. Because of its quick cleaning action, BG 248 reduces exhaust smoke and restores fuel economy and engine performance. BG 248 contains BG Diesel Pump Lubricant which provides the necessary film strength and lubricity to prevent pump parts from scoring or seizing.

BG 248 contains Cetane Improver to raise the cetane number of commercial No. 2 diesel fuels an average of 4 assuring the user of many performance benefits. BG 248 contains special Pour Depressant Additives which isolate wax crystals as they are formed and prevent their growing together to gell the diesel fuel. This keeps most No. 2 diesel fuel flowing at cold temperatures. This product is a part of the BG TDC® program.


  1. Prevents formation of gums and varnishes 
  2. Eliminates injector plunger sticking and nozzle fouling 
  3. Reduces exhaust smoking • improves fuel economy 
  4. Improves combustion and power
  5. Increases lubricity of low-sulfur fuel
  6. Raises cetane 
  7. Prevents wintertime fuel gelling 
  8. Provides smoother, quieter operation 
  9. Stabilizes fuel in storage.




  • Add to each tank of fuel. One 325ml can treats up to 115 litres of diesel fuel.



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