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Bardahl Radiator Fast Flush - 300ml

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Bardahl Radiator Fast Flush cleans with no need to dismantle the entire cooling system.
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Product Description


Bardahl Cooling System Fast Flush is a combination of sulfo-succinates, surfactants and oil solubilizers. This combination of ingredients acts to remove deposits due to ethylene glycol oxidation, contaminants such as dirt, grease, oil and small amounts of corrosion or hard water deposits. (For cooling systems with heavy corrosion or hard water deposits, use of Bardahl Power Descaler is recommended.)

A typical cooling system for diesel or gasoline powered vehicles is designed to dissipate between 30 and 40% of the energy (heat) resulting from the combustion of fuel. Failure of an engine’s cooling system to perform properly can lead to pre-ignition problems, engine oil degradation and thermal distortion of engine components.

The formation of deposits along the walls of a cooling system can cause what is described by Georgi, in his book ‘ Motor Oils and Engine Lubrication’, as invisible overheating. This deposit formation acts as insulation, reducing the speed at which heat from the combustion chamber can be transferred to the coolant, leading to localized overheating. Deposit related overheating is often not noticed since it does not affect coolant temperature or radiator efficiency, resulting in the description, invisible overheating.


  • Cleans with no need to dismantle the cooling system
  • Eliminates all types of deposits (rust, mud, scale,…)
  • Will not damage hoses, gaskets or metals
  • Improves coolant circulation and avoids engine overheating
  • Resists pressure and high temperatures




Bardahl Cooling System Fast Flush should be used periodically when changing coolant to maintain cooling efficiency and reduce deposits. It should also be used if overheating of the cooling system occurs.

  1. Shake bottle before use. When the engine is off and cold, pour contents of bottle into radiator or expansion tank.
  2. Turn heating on maximum position, start and run engine at idle speed or drive for 15 minutes.
  3. Turn off the engine and when cooled, empty and flush radiator with fresh water until water runs clear.  Refill with recommended coolant.

One 300ml bottle treats 6L of coolant.



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