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Bardahl Petrol Fuel Treatment - 300ml

PRODUCT CODE: Bardahl 12001
Bardahl Treatment is an unique blend of ash less detergents, polymer and solvents to help keep your car’s fuel system clean.

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Product Description


Bardahl Treatment is an unique blend of ash less detergents, polymer and solvents to help keep your car’s fuel system clean. It will help keep carburetors mileage rating and help control exhaust emissions by helping to clean up or keep PCV an EGR valves clean. Bardahl Treatment works equally well in leaded and unleaded gasoline and will not harm catalytic converters.

Emission devices on newer cars such as PCV or EGR valves are susceptible to deposit build up. This build up can cause harder starting, stumbling and generally poorer engine performance. The newer unleaded and low lead gasoline’s have increased the potential for deposit build up on carburetor parts or on injector tips causing increased consumption and starting problems. Injector tips of fuel injection systems can be clogged with rust and corrosion, reducing the pep and performance of an automotive engine.

After a period of time, intake valves (valve which allows gasoline to enter cylinder) get deposits of unburned fuel and varnish built up on them. These deposits lead to valve wear, improver valve seating and loss of compression.

Bardahl Treatment unique blend of ash less detergents, polymers an solvents clean up and keep clean carburetors or fuel injector tips and other fuel system parts allowing your car to get its maximum gas mileage. Our ash less polymer helps remove intake valve deposits reducing wear an seating problems, while leaving no deposits of its own. A rust and corrosion inhibitor in Bardahl Treatment helps to prevent corrosion of fuel injector tips and fuel lines. Solvents and detergents in this Bardahl product will keep EGR and PCV valves clean, helping to prevent their malfunction.



Directions for use

For initial fuel system clean up add one can to first tank of gasoline. Repeat for next two fill-ups. For continued protector, add one can to every three fill-ups for freeway driving or one can to every fill-up for city driving.



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