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Archoil AR9300 Complex Nano-ceramic Extreme Friction Modifier

Archoil AR9300 Complex Nano-ceramic Extreme Friction Modifier


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Product Description


AR9300 is the culmination of 10 years of extensive research and development. It contains an array of complex minerals, each chosen for their unique characteristics when reduced to nanometers in size. AR9300 actively restores worn surfaces in areas where friction is present. The minerals interact with each other and the host metal creating a chemical reaction for the bonding and reconstructive process, resulting in a surface with a friction coefficient of 0.003 and 5 times stronger than the host metal.

This is tribological breakthrough. AR9300 remains active on the surface under heavy loads for up to one year or longer. Many sealed applications like gear boxes on wind turbines may last up to 6 years. AR9300 is suitable for most automotive applications as well as extreme environments such as gear boxes in wind turbines, jack pumps, heavy equipment, locomotive engines, drilling, or wherever the present lubricant is over-challenged. AR9300 forms a new surface on the host metal, which eliminates corrosion, hydrogen embrittlement and micro-pitting with no chemical reactions to the host oil’s additive package.


  • Restores areas worn by friction
  • Extends the life of worn gears and components
  • Increase engines oil life up to 3 times
  • Increase gearbox oil life up to 4 times
  • Reduce energy usage up to 8%
  • Reduces emissions up to 48%
  • Eliminates corrosion
  • Coefficient of Friction (COF) = 0.003
  • Five times harder than the host metal
  • Eliminates hydrogen embrittlement
  • Restores efficiency
  • Doubles the life of curved railroad tracks and wheels

Falex Pin & Vee Test: Compared to a previous Nano-ceramic formulation

  • Decrease of COF from 0.014 to 0.003 (4.5 times)
  • Increase in the linear dimensions of parts (weight gain roller test rig at 0.03grams)
  • Reduction of linear wear from Ih=6.3x10 -8 = 2.3x10 -8 (3 times)
  • Increase in critical loads from pcr=7.35 MPa to pcr 14.40 MPa (2 times)


Applications include domestic and fleet vehicles, heavy equipment, mining equipment, industrial, railroad, industrial gearboxes, marine, extreme environments, motorsport, hydraulic systems, heavy load equipment, generators, high performance engines, wind turbines and more.




  • Usage ratio = 1:50.  1 x 100ml concentrate will treat approximately 5 litres of engine or gear oil.
  • Bring engine up to temperature. Add product, idle engine for 15 minutes and then drive vehicle normally.  Ideally, add AR9300 before a journey.
  • For best results add to clean engine oil with a new oil filter.  It is also beneficial to use a professional engine flush or crankcase cleaner first.



Customer Reviews (2)

ARCHOIL© AR9300 and AR6200 Review by Danny
“The previous average for the Mercedes E320 CDI before an oil change (plus addition of the additive) was 27.5 mpg according to the trip computer. After driving 800 miles with the additive - with the same driving pattern and same brand/grade of oil used - the mpg has climbed to an average of 30.5 mpg - just over a 10% improvement so I'm well pleased.

Regards, Danny.

(Posted on 06/01/2016)
ARCHOIL© AR9300 and AR6200Review by Tim (Metallurgist Professor).
“Hi, update on the effect of Archoil 6200 + friction reducer in rear diff and engine. Basically I have used the same Mercedes e300 diesel for the last few years to travel to South Wales several times a year. Route is 214 miles and takes 3 and 3/4 hours or so. Best mpg previously recorded using the previous edition of ** additive was 39.3, more typically 37/38mpg. I recently had to strip out the fuel tank and replace lines/filters etc due to corrosion on the outside causing problems. I made all the necessary repairs and fuelled up with Archoil treated fuel and put the friction reducers in the engine and back axle.

I have done two trips since and recorded 41.6mpg and 41.2mpg. The slight noise from the back axle heard on over-run has gone. I’m very pleased with the effect both from fuel economy and general get up and go-response and smooth running. The car has been to the moon and back but is reasonably well maintained and I am very familiar with the operating characteristics having owned it for so long.” (Posted on 05/01/2016)

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