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Archoil AR5100 Water Based Corrosion Remover

Archoil AR5100 is a concentrated organic industrial grade corrosion remover that dissolves even the heaviest corrosion from metals through a process of chelation.


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Product Description


AR5100 is a concentrated organic industrial grade corrosion remover that dissolves even the heaviest corrosion from metals through a process of chelation. AR5100 uses the smallest amount of acidic content possible and this still enables a 10:1 effective and economical dilution rate. AR5100 may continually be used until the depletion of the surfactants and small traces of acid. This time period depends on variables such as the amount of rust or cleanliness of the rusted item. AR5100 is unique since a bath can be created and after many uses, can have additional product added to bring it back to a more effective strength and thus eliminate the need for immediate disposal.

This process is effective until the solution is saturated with salt and unable to be recharged. AR5100 minimizes waste disposal issues since the small amount of acid is depleted after use. The acid becomes a trace element in the process of iron oxide removal. When disposing the AR5100 the acid would have turned to salt and is thus safe to drain and dispose. Further neutralization is easily achieved through adding a base to the liquid like Lye.

AR5100 works through a process called chelation in which a large synthetic molecule forms a bond with the iron in the rust but not strong enough to bond to the host metal there by pulling the iron oxide (rust) from the surface. AR5100 totally removes all corrosion on metal surfaces and unlike most other products it does not form a patina or convert the rust to a new base. The corrosion is simply removed. AR5100 quickly and efficiently removes rust from steel, irons, aluminum, brass, copper, chrome, and other metals, as well as alloys. It will effectively remove corrosion and work its way to bare metal while leaving other materials – plastics, rubber, paint, etc. unharmed.


  • Fast acting
  • Highly concentrated with up to 10:1 dilution ratio
  • Suitable for ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • 100% organic and biodegradable after use
  • Non-polluting for easy disposal after use
  • Non-flammable and non-toxic after use
  • Prevents flash rusting
  • Common neutral water can be used
  • Long shelf life after dilution
  • Diluted bath can be strengthened for reuse
  • Solids can be filtered keeping bath active longer



Usage Instructions

Create a bath using 7 to 10 parts water to 1 part AR5100. Place or dip rusted or corroded product into the bath and soak item. Removal time for corrosion varies; average time is minutes and up to 2 hours and for very extreme cases up to 24 hours. (Items contaminated with oils or grime will minimize the effective strength of the bath so pre cleaning with a detergent is recommended if the item is contaminated.)

Repeat using the same bath until it becomes ineffective. Recharge with additional AR5100 if possible. When the removal time appears to be longer, either dispose of the depleted product or add additional AR5100. The amount to add varies on many variables such as the cleanliness of parts, amount of oil in the bath and the amount of acid that has turned into salt.

After corrosion is removed wash off and apply AR5300 indoor sealant, AR5400 or AR5500 outdoor sealant. Dilute 1 gallon of AR5100 with 7 gallons of water or up to 9 gallons making a 10 gallon bath.



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