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Archoil AR4400 LP Firearms Oil

AR4400 is perfect for maintaining a firearm once cleaned, it has no odor and non-toxic.
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Archoil AR4400 LP Firearms Oil - 20ml Sample AR4400 20

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Product Description


AR4400 hBN LP utilizes hexagonal boron nitride for its low coefficient of friction at 0.15 to 0.70 and its superior characteristics bonding to metal. It is a superior lubricant and offers excellent protection against corrosion. Once the firearm is clean AR4400 will maintain it and resist lead and carbon buildup. It creates a dry hard film. (No odor, heavier viscosity, beige in color) AR4400 offers the same performance as the AR4200 without added solvent properties.

Formulated with hexagonal nano boron nitrate (hBN) - selected for its exceptional friction reduction properties and affinity it shares with metal alloys. AR4400 is perfect for maintaining a firearm once cleaned, it has no odor and non-toxic. The hBN forms a hard dry film filling in all asperities for a near frictionless barrel which resist carbon, copper and lead buildup.


  • Lubricates and preserves
  • Latest nano technology utilizing hexagonal boron nitride
  • Form a hard, dry extremely low friction surface
  • Stops corrosion
  • Stops carbon, lead and copper buildup
  • Increase velocity
  • Very easy maintenance





  1. Saturate a cotton patch or mop with a few drops of AR4200 LP. Pass through the barrel 15 – 20 times. Use long slow strokes ensuring you get complete coverage from muzzle to crown. After applying AR4400 LP, let sit for 15 minutes or more then wipe dry. The hexagonal boron nitride immediately reacts to the host metal forming a very hard and corrosion resistant surface.
  2. Use one dry cotton patch and push through bore to remove any excess lubricant. Buff off excess for a dry and super-smooth finish. AR4400 LP forms a hard dry film filling in all asperities for a near frictionless barrel, which resists carbon, copper fouling and firing reside build-up. Hexagonal Boron Nitride resists dirt and moisture. For Use as a Trigger Lube:

For use as a trigger lube first clean trigger with a degreaser to remove grease and dirt. Apply a few small drop to the area concerned and this will help to keep the trigger action smooth and consistent. For Use on Weapon Parts:

  1. Ensure weapon part is clean and free from all carbon, firing residue, copper and lead fouling. Apply a few drops of AR4400 LP onto a cloth and wipe onto part concerned. Let sit for 15 minutes or more allowing the part to absorb the Hexagonal Boron Nitride. Than wipe dry and replace part back into weapon.

To clean part after firing just wipe down the part with a cloth and for difficult or hard to reach places use a small brush, ensuring that you reapply the AR4400 LP to maintain protection and lubrication.

NOTE: Do not over apply. A light film, or coating is all that’s needed.



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