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Archoil AR2820 Professional Engine Flush

Archoil AR2820 is designed to rapidly remove deposits from all types of petrol or diesel engine lubrication systems, before renewing the oil and before using any oil additives.

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Product Description


AR2820 is designed to rapidly remove deposits from all types of petrol or diesel engine lubrication systems, before renewing the oil and/or before using any oil additives. AR2820 contains latest generation dispersants and carrier fluid to safely remove sludge,  particulates, gum and varnish from the crankcase thus restoring engine compression and performance lost through deposit build-up.

Deposits are dissolved and held in suspension within the old lubricating oil and then disposed when the oil is drained. Renewed oil will last longer and the cleaner surfaces provide the optimum environment for any of the AR9000 series oil additive packs and friction modifiers. AR2820 is suitable for older and modern engines types including petrol, diesel and those with  turbo chargers, catalytic converters or diesel particulate filters. AR2820 is non corrosive and compatible with engine materials and seals.


  • Removes harmful crankcase deposits
  • Prolonges oil life
  • Restores lost engine compression resulting from deposit build-up




Bring engine to full operating temperature. Turn off engine. Add AR2820 to the engine oil. 1 x 250ml bottle will treat 4 - 8 litres of engine oil. Idle engine for 10 to 15 minutes occasionally increasing engine revs to aid circulation. Switch off engine and drain oil immediately whilst it is still hot. Do not allow the oil to cool or debris will be re-deposited in the crankcase. Change oil filter and add clean oil as per the manufacturer’s recommendation.



Customer Reviews (1)

John MoserReview by ARCHOIL© AR9100, AR2300 and AR2820
“Changed the oil on the R129 today – again, 16 years old with 115k on the clock - after 5k miles. Used Motul 8100 5-40 and AR9100; ran AR2300 for 800 miles pre-change and then flushed with AR2820.

The state of the oil filter was staggering – the inner metal drum was as clean as when it went in, and there was nothing to be seen caught in the paper pleats whatsoever (a proper old school Mahle metal drum filter). Runs like the day it was made.”

Wonderful, John Moser.
(Posted on 06/01/2016)

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