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Archoil AR2500 Nano WS2 Parts Assembly Lube

Archoil AR2500 Nano WS2 Parts Assembly Lube is is a multipurpose; nano tungsten disulfide (WS2), parts assembly lube.


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Product Description


AR2500 is a multipurpose; nano tungsten disulfide (WS2), parts assembly lube. WS2 is one of the most lubricious substances available. It offers far superior performance to molybdenum, graphite, Teflon® or boric acid in every application. AR2500 lubricant penetrates and bonds to metal surfaces. The lubricating, micro thin film features an ultra-low coefficient of friction (0.03 dynamic; 0.07 static) that prevents sticking and wear. It is ideal for sliding mechanisms and heavy load lubrication environments such as equipment or engine building.

AR2500 can also be used in high temperature and high pressure applications. It offers temperature resistance from -450º F (-270º C) to 1200º F (650º C) in normal atmosphere and from -350º F (-188º C) to 2400º F (1316º C) in vacuum conditions. The load bearing ability of the treated surface is extremely high at over 300,000 psi.


  • WS2 is chemically inert
  • High temperature lubrication
  • Very high load properties
  • Practically creates a frictionless surface
  • Excellent penetrating abilities
  • Prevents galling, seizing or cold-wielding
  • Long lasting
  • Ideal for preassembly applications
  • Fills in surface asperities creating a very smooth and hard surface
  • Dramatically reduces wear
  • Additive for cutting fluids, gear, engine and hydraulic fluids, etc.
  • Ultra-thin coating (0.05 microns)
  • Suitable for high precision components
  • Excellent release properties – non-stick
  • Non-toxic
  • Mold release is 100% lubricity throughout
  • Excellent release material for plastic molds, extrusion dies, etc.
  • No curing time or heat required
Applications Functional Area Operational Conditions Achieved Results
Pins, pinions, gears, bearings Fractional H.P. motors Photocopier drives Eliminated conventional lubricant. Doubled wear life of parts
Piston, piston block, springs Hydraulic pump High speed reciprocating action Extended wear life by 3 times. Eliminated need to heat treat components
Main bearings cam & crank shaft, rod bearings, wrist pins. pistons Automotive engines NASCAR racing, 24 hour endurance racing Operating temp reduced 10%. Engine components showed no wear
Roller index shaft 440 stainless Blood analyzer Constant rotation at high speed, abrupt stop and start Eliminated conventional lubricant. Increased wear 4 times. Stopped galling
Curing rolls & feed rolls Paper mill High speed, 290ºF continuous use Eliminated drag & buildup on rolls. Reduced maintenance by 50%
Medical instruments, ratchet gears Orthopedic ratchet Operating room Eliminated galling and extended wear life 300%
Cutting tool, drills, end mills, jig burrs, reamers Cutting die steel, 440 stainless High speed cutting, high feed rate Tools lasted 5 times longer on average




Assembly of metal components on machinery, transmissions and engines.



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