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Archoil AR6400-D Pro Diesel Cleaner PEA Concentrate (430ml)

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Product Description


AR6400-D is a powerful next-generation fuel additive blended from the latest high-strength polyetheramines and PIBSA/PIBSI detergents that quickly and safely remove gum, varnish and carbon deposits from the fuel system and engine. Advanced combustion modification chemistry then maximizes combustion performance to help remove post combustion hydrocarbon build-up whilst rapidly reducing harmful exhaust emissions.

AR6400-D quickly restores lost engine performance and fuel economy in addition to unique properties that help protect surfaces from further deposit build-up. Molecule by molecule deposits are safely removed from the diesel injectors and combustion area thus improving combustion efficiency and enabling emission control systems such as the DPF to operate more efficiently.

AR6400-D is suitable for all diesel engines running on pump, bunkered or bio-diesel blended fuel.


  • Cleans harmful deposits and prevents future accumulation
  • Increases cetane value by up to 7 points
  • Restores fuel efficiency
  • Restores fuel economy
  • Restores power and performance
  • Smoothes rough idling
  • Lowers harmful exhaust emissions
  • Lubricates and protects the fuel system


The first family of dispersant/detergents were amines with a polyisobutylene (PIB) tail. The PIB tail gave good solubility and the amine group provided surface activity that lifted deposits from the metal surface. However the PIB tail, as a polymer, gave the undesirable effect of stickiness so the PIB amine had to be combined with a fluidizer to ensure that it flowed through the combustion region of the engine and did not build up any residues. The fluidizer was typically a polyolefin epoxide.

The next generation of chemistries combined the fluidizer with the polymeric amine. These are called polyetheramines or PEA. Polyetheramines do not require the addition of a fluidizer and the oxygen content provides enhanced surface activity. PIB amines are still widely used in gasoline and perform well.

However, PEA’s offer improved combustion chamber cleaning efficiency but is considerably more expensive. There is an abundance of supply of PIB amines unlike with PEA; hence the treatment cost is significantly higher. Therefore, PEA’s are not widely found in low cost cleaners or are found in reduced quantities. AR6400-D contains the highest safe amount of PEA and accompanying chemistry to safely move deposits.

  1. Add the correct amount of AR6400-D to the fuel tank first and then fill up with fuel immediately afterwards.
  2. Treatment ratio is 1:100 > 1:200. A single 430ml bottle will treat between 43 and 86 litres of fuel. A 5 litre container will treat up to 1000 litres of fuel.
  3. Use every 5000 miles or use once and follow up regularly with Archoil AR6200-EU or AR6300.


"Hello, I have recently purchased and used your AR6400 product.

In the past, my car achieved an average fuel consumption of 34.6 mpg, which for a high performance vehicle, I thought to be good.  Having used your product, together with fitting an ITG panel air filter, I am now achieving 40.6 mpg.  It looks like you will be saving me a great deal of money. Thank you so much - outstanding." Tony

"Hi, recently purchased your Archoil Professional fuel system cleaner for my Mini Cooper S. Very impressed by the extra boost it appeared to immediately give to the supercharger.”  Nick

"The following is an article I posted on the Jaguar forums, if it is of any use to you then please feel free to use it.  Hi guys. I am new to these forums but have found them a very interesting read. I have had the same problem as most on here with the car showing more warning lights than a jumbo jet out of fuel. Because of the constant selection of Limp home mode, One garage said they would have to take the gearbox apart at the cost of a couple of thousand pounds.

A couple of weeks ago the car wouldn't start at all. After 5 days of scratching my head and after reading these forums I found out about the EGR Valve and someone said tap it with a rubber mallet, which I did. Hey Presto the bloody thing started. It seemed to me that the slightest bit of dirt

would make the valve stick and because the sensors really couldn't tell what was wrong all sorts of lights lit up and limp-home mode engaged.

Anyway I have solved all my problems with an amazing product called Archoil.  The product was AR6400-D. It is supposed to clean your system including the EGR. I have only had the stuff in there for about 100 miles now and the difference is amazing. I am hoping that before long I can take the rubber mallet out of my boot. Its embarrassing sitting in the Supermarket car park belting hell out of a Jaguar engine to make it go Like most people I am sceptical about products like this but i was desperate and willing to try anything.

Footnote: I am in no way connected to the makers of Archoil. Just an ordinary joe trying to get his car to work efficiently.”  Mitch H